Thursday, 6 February 2014

Starmer-Rama And The Warped Crusaders - Stinson Hunter et al

February 5, 2014

Starmer-rama and the warped Crusaders - Stinson Hunter et al

"The urbane Kier Starmer and the somewhat more downmarket, but undoubtedly charming, Kieran Parsons (pictured left) may not appear to have much in common – but they are both looking to cure their unemployment problems by clinging to the tail of the same Tiger. A Tiger called ‘victimhood’.

Not that either of them seek to be ‘victims’. Good Lord No! They have both seen the fame and the fortune of other men, previously unemployed and bereft of income, who have positioned themselves in the burgeoning market of evangelising TV celebrity and moral guardian.

Kier Starmer has laid out his ‘Starmer-rama‘ – a woolly wide-eyed perspective of how, now that he is no longer in secure employment as an essential cog of the English judicial system, he could, or would, continue to meddle in its affairs. Presumably we have to be daft enough to vote him into place as a Member of Parliament first, but I guess in somewhere like Hartlepool, that could be arranged.

“Criminal Justice fails the Vulnerable” he whines. That in itself is a deeply troubling prospect, after all, our criminal justice was fashioned a millennium ago specifically to protect the vulnerable against the power of the Crown; if it still can’t do that …"


February 5, 2014

Darkness of the Mind 

"Despite being given several opportunities by barrister Barbara Hewson (she's the one on the right now) to stop using the word Victim, when he was actually talking about a Complainant, the Defence barrister resolutely stuck to his adopted terminology. I made a mental note that I would prefer to be defended by my faithful Yorkshire terrier rather than by that defence barrister. I prefer a dog's chance to the cat in hell's chance I would otherwise feel I had, going in front of the jury to defend myself against my victim ...."  

February 3, 2014

Rotting From the Head 

"When I started on this Blog I don't think I had ever heard of Keir Starmer. Why would I have done? I had no interest in the law and had never had any dealings of note with it. In 2009 I gathered the Daily Mail were suggesting that not knowing about him was the way he wanted it. I could understand that too."

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