Tuesday, 16 January 2018

It Is Not Rocket Science, In Their, Vigilante, Ways

Now, time, to close down, or curtail, all vigilante, social media, accounts?


Alex Westgarth; Non-Occupational Bully


 No Ranting Clowns, Allowed, Shane  



Following, the inane threats, the 'Free Man', conspiracy, fantasies continue

Opinion, without balance, substance, knowledge, education and critical thinking,
... does not, constitute, 'Truth'.



The OSC 

Information to therealosc@gmail.com, as usual, please.

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Prologue - Sins and Sons of Stinson


Why Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends, Antis, Vigilantes And Their Aggressive Thralls, Do What They Do


There Is Now No Need (Still) For The Paedophile Hunters [Sic] To Meet Their Prey - Ever


Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools


Tracking And Understanding, The Recent And Faltering, 'Hunter' And Follower, Pandemic, Moral Panic And Hysteria 


Vigilante Paedophile [Sic] Hunting Groups In The UK Are Out Of Control


You Know It Is All Over, Go Now, With A Modicum Of Integrity 


We Love, The Smell Of Inevitability, In The Afternoon


The Reasons, 'Hunters' Do Not Do, What They Should Be Doing

One More Nail, In The Coffin, Of Any Future Legal Authority


The 'Hunters' Are Restless


Not The First Time, These Simpleton Reprobates, Have Caused Conflict, Social Unrest And Public Order Issues


Slowy, But, Surely 


Could Not Have Happened, To A Nastier, Guy (Well, Perhaps, A Few More, A Bit Nastier)



The Likes Of Stinson Hunter's Prey And Sex With 'Kids' - Get A Clue !!! 



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  1. Can you imagine Shane and Piers both going at it?

    That would be more of a shouting match than the Jeremy Kyle show.

  2. "Section 24 handcuff" service? Highly unlawful; a criminal offence.

    These deranged nobodies are walking around like Billy Big Bollocks, thinking they're SAS or Military Police. Whatever next? Predator Exposure comandeering West Yorkshire's Police helicopter to go and raid a "paedophile".

    The sooner all the vigilante paedophile hunting groups are outlawed, the better.

    I noticed Alex was floundering like a fish out of water this morning on that Good Morning TV programme. He was pathetic. And Brannigan, in his live video, has seriously lost the plot. He now comes across as a hateful, mentally-deranged drop-out. Yes, it was wrong what Internet Interceptors did to you and you have everyone's support for that, but you are now coming across as mad, angry, dangerous, unhinged.

    Piers Morgan did a good job dissecting the wrongs of the vigilante paedophile hunting movement: that their live videos, posted on social media, "try" the suspect before they have even reached the Court stage. Piers Morgan was correct that this is hampering and grossly interfering with the judicial due process.

    Note also that Piers Morgan has now been accused of being a paedophile himself by the braindead sheeple hangers-on.

    Piers Morgan only spoke out what most intelligent people think. That this is wrong and should never have been entertained from the very beginning.

    Time to stop it now.

    And having this opinion, that does not make me a paedophile.

    I'm not.

    1. The only thing Phil 'yer get me' Hoban can commandeer is his next can of Special Brew.

    2. This activity is getting banned. Just watch the Irish ban take hold and wait for it to be used as a good example of how to deal with this problem, then Amber Rudd will copy it. The Irish model has cross-party support in the Dail, it will almost certainly pass on a vote, and the only queries are coming from people seeking assurance that the Garda will have the resources to take the job on themselves. Nobody is flat out objecting.

      Meanwhile, here in the UK police were already enforcing powers they usually didn't bother with and were being progressively more heavy handed with the hunters. Now they are being ORDERED to go even further by the NPCC, which is basically one level below the Home Office itself.

      Full ban probably incoming and the hunter community is already on the cusp of implosion. Tick tock tick tock. Won't be long now.

    3. The ban can't come quick enough.

  3. How pathetic did Alex come across he was a mumbling mess. Old Branigan is jealous that he wasnt invited he's such a bitter lemon. So now anyone that disagrees with vigilante hunters are all paedophiles. Im so pleased something is going to finally get done to stop the vigilantes playing judge and jury.

  4. Has anyone got the video Gumbo took down ? The one where he was ranting and raving like a deranged lunatic. He's a two faced c**t he slates other hunters and then backs them when it suits.

  5. What an image they portray,they chose a typical average hunter pea brain Alex from SKID to drag on TV who couldn't find his razor or an iron never mind his notes he never thought to make since his brain could not locate a relevant response to a quick fired question on it's own.

    Then Tanya Hunter actively approaches the media herself to preen over their own child protection status in the hunting community while her own team member hit his wife after giving birth,bit her nose and smashed the staircase to pieces.

    1. I never realised Nathan Hunter was associated with Tanya Hunter. I do know he tries to get his big nose involved in a few teams but no wants him around. Can't blame.

    2. Nathan Hunter is male of course he'll be associated with Tanya Hunter, from what others say her and Amanda Faulkner have a score card to see who can sleep with the most in the community. Titch was involved to but she got pushed out by Tanya for being over friendly with her "bab" Darren Powell
      #4thekids? More like #4thekicks

  6. Chris Wittwer and Shane Brannigan clearly triggered by this event. They claim they can destroy with facts but most of their 'facts' come from google searches ha ha ha ha ha

    Legends in their own lunch times.

  7. Alex looked like a rabbit in the head lights they twisted him up in knots. What they were saying was right you shouldn't put the video up before they've even been convicted in a court. The only thing the sheep and arse lickers are worried about is hunters not being aloud to go live and they won't be able to leave there vile comments. Alot of teams are now claiming they won't be going live. I personally think that hunting teams should not be aloud to operate period.

  8. Poor Alex looked like he was about to cry �� bless.

    1. All these vigilante idiots suffer from delusions of grandeur. He must be pretty thick if he thinks his experience of being a vigilante (for all of five minutes) is going come across with any credibility while sitting next to a man who’s forgotten more about child abuse issues than the whole hunting community will ever learn, and opposite a journalist who makes his living by using research to tear arguments apart.


  9. Monkey faced Phil Hoban: ''It's an epidemic.''

    Yes, it's an epidemic of idiots like yourself snaring men on adult sites your cretin. No real children are actually being saved, it's just an illusion you all created to justify your vigilante actions.

    And for Phil Hoban in particular, this will probably seem like worrying times as his 'second income' via a 'Predator Exposure Shop' depends on gullible parents giving him money for the pleasure of a mug - well, they are the mugs in fact.

    ''Yer get me?''

    1. Monkey face what a spot on description. Yer get me.

    2. If ever they do auditions in the UK for another Planet of the Apes �� movie I would strongly advise him to go along.

  10. The law hasn't done anything about paedophiles?

    That's actually true. I went to Starbucks in London earlier and looked over to my left, where Richard Huckle and Myles Bradbury were supping lattes with Gary Glitter. Then I saw Vanessa George on the tube - her phone rang and it was Mark Frost. They were going for lunch and he was running late.

    All of this is possible because our justice system doesn't bother with "paedophiles", to the point where there are no paedophiles because the very concept isn't recognised or discussed anywhere in the laws of this country.

    Where would we be without these groups when the police just do nothing at all?

  11. Predator Exposure are full of shit. Saying that people are still on line "grooming" grooming who ? Not real kids that's for sure. Saying that kids could be raped or even killed by the so called on line predator that's lies because they are talking to adult decoys on adult dating sites where its proven no real kids are. They are just causing mass hysteria for nothing. And why are the followers so worried about live streaming can they not just watch tv instead.

  12. In fits of laughter at that Hoban video. What's he doing to do face to face with Piers, chuck his bananas at him?

  13. N-force Justice lied again they made a statement to there followers claiming they won't be doing live stings again less than 12 hours later there saying they are gonna continue to live stream. Pretty obvious they are only doing it for the facebook fame. Can only hope that those that continue to live stream get knicked themselves and the police refuse to take there so called evidence.

  14. Monkey boy calls Mr Morgan a bully the irony.

  15. Can someone tell the cross between Dog the bounty hunter and a swat team that females go on stings often and sometimes totally alone and so far Putin has not attacked them along the way

  16. The followers of hunting teams claim to be worried for there kids on line safety yet James was on live feed talking about safebook that video has been viewed by 4.4k people but has had just 78 shares. Had that been a sting the views and shares would be sky high. Just shows they dont give a shit about on line safety all they care about is watching stings. Sad individuals.

    1. Absolutely correct. Shane Brannigan has been vocal about this many times as he knows most of them only care about their popcorn event.

  17. Steve Dure: ''We are the solution to a problem.''

    This man, like Shane Brannigan is completely delusional.

    By setting up honey traps on adult sites (which you have always done), you have invited men to commit of fences that they may never have otherwise committed.

    Because there are no children proven to be on this adult only sites, you are protecting 'decoys,' rather than real children. Your stats are a complete fraud, just as Stinson Hunter, than man you emulated was a complete fraud.

    Dure is just another muppet among many.

  18. Would it be more credible to expose adults posing as children to gain access to under 16 sites?

  19. That sounds far more credible, because any adult wanting to access children in such a way may be showing credible signs of predatory intentions.

    The same could be said of fishing for adults that are approaching children chat or gaming rooms aimed at kids (and anything designed to be used by children online). It is far more credible to suggest that adults doing those things were 'looking to engage with children in the first place.'

    I should also mention that some hunters have put decoys on places such as Facebook, I have no issue with any vigilantes doing that as real children exist in places such as Facebook and Twitter = potentially protecting REAL children.

    However, the tricky part is that by hunting in the correct places might mean that they do what the police fear, which is to compromise an ongoing investigation and cocking up months of work put in by a detective in a kids chat room for example.

    This is where regulation would be handy though, by training to work with the police, and liaising with them, this type of error would be far less likely to occur.

    Although I have the occasional rant about vigilantes, I would not be against the idea of 'volunteers' working on behalf of the police - as Jim Gamble suggested long ago.

  20. There already are some of us who work only in children's chat areas.

    Although I saw a post by one hunter stating they should change from adult to children's chat area's they then sabotaged all intelligence shown by saying they still would dangle child decoys in adult chatrooms for the special needs to get entangled with their decoys.

    Well they actually said they would still protect children in adult sites but its the same thing they should then work on removing the children instead of leaving any children sat there while these supposed males try chat to them. Find the children you insist are in there and report them and get them removed,doesn't that make more safety sense? But then again pretending you are correct in your statements many children in these adult sites and of keeping children safes keeps fast sting turnover of males who are mainly still teenagers and special needs. It's all about the stings and the glory at the end of day? Not actually keeping children safe.

    I usually avoid this community but its getting very close to some much needed home truths with all the wrong being done to save us all getting terminated not just on facebook either that wont make us any friends and lots of enemies but may just keep some hunting teams being allowed to carry on,the good ones.

    1. Your idea of working to remove real children off adult only sites sounds far more logical and productive than waiting for, what seem to be mainly rather desperate, idiotic, or low moral compass men to commit an offence.

      There is the issue of whether real children exist on adult dating sites. To date, no hunting team have ever produced any solid evidence that there is a wide scale problem with children doing this. It is also of course also parental responsibility to ensure their children are kept off such sites.

      However, if I am prepared to accept that there maybe a few children here and there, and particularly those with learn difficulties or social problems that caused them to seek solace online, then I still say most hunters do not see the bigger picture.

      It would be far more effective to highlight the issue to the government and campaign for legislation to protect children by forcing all adult related sites to enforce a string verification process that would make it extremely difficult or nigh on impossible for a child to join (having to present bank statements, utilitiy bills, passport and driving license close up and selfies next to those documents for example).

      This type of action would eradicate the whole ‘child grooming on adult sites’ issue instantly, which has to be far easier than sitting with fishing rods waiting for another bite.

    2. We don't decoyin these adult chatsites but we do ask people who are dating in there to report any children they come across so if your decoy gets reported tough luck children should not be in there we need to clear these adult sites of all children not add more fake ones we need to press for change of 18+ identity acceptance into these sites I agree

      This reporting as the only method to get children out is flawed for keeping real children safe by the amount of child decoys flooding the chatrooms any real children are likely to be covered by the flood of dam decoy accounts that claim to keep children safe

      We feel we are banging our head on the wall the real dangerous men pretend to be children to chat to children or actively enter child only areas

  21. Jim Gamble was spot on saying these hunters are often hiding what they are and their unscrupulous behaviours. Just look at what’s there!

    Gordon aka Andrew - who access social services computers to blackmail and threaten
    Mark Astley - stealing children’s photos of their teenage girls and baby boys then making fake pages for people to masturbate over. Also bent cop
    Sarah Doherty - crack dealer
    Paddy fripps - steals money from both communities he’s been in...edl and now paedophile hunting.
    Amelia/Samantha radford - whore
    Phil H - thug and drunk
    Tanya hunter - another sneaky whore
    Ronnie aka Sean gower - asking for nudes off 18 yr old girls and drug dealer
    Nathan/ ollie ferns - thug, woman beater and cannabis user
    James Jewell - one brain cell, edl thug
    Chris Whittaker - edl thug
    Alex from skid - wimp
    Stevie trap - womaniser and fraudster
    Shane - drug user and gob on stick
    Chelsey Harwood - drug user, benefit fraudster and issues threats of violence online

    This could take all night...SO many people to say bye to when they are regulated! Party when that happens

    1. I don’t think Ollie Ferns was also a dealer previously. Was dumb enough to try selling drugs to coppers.

    2. Once this farce comes to an end we should all organise one big party to celebrate.

    3. We could call it something like the 'Back To Civilisation Party.'

  22. No wonder Gumbo took that video down how embarrassing what a freak.

  23. Best get the party order in:
    Run down local boozer with ample toilet facilities to have sex in.
    Paupers grub (sausage on a stick, vol-au-vents etc).
    Tacky banners for walls.
    Baseball bats.
    Blow up punch bags.
    Hunters, decoys, security face cut-outs.
    Odd looking clothing, gimp masks etc.

    1. You forgot cans of Carling Black Label for the lads and bottles of White Lighting or 20/20 for the slags.