Saturday, 27 January 2018

They Cannot Take, All The Credit, For Being Gormless, Infantile, Harassing, Stalkers

Helda and Rebecca are Paid a Visit

What a pity, we do not have 'Stand Your Ground' laws, here, like the USA.


The Attack (1) - Rebecca


 The Attack (2) - Helda and The Bullshit


13:06; 27/1/18

14:02; 27/1/18

DO NOT TRESPASS OR HARASS - Do not visit ... it is, that, simple.

 15:15; 27/1/18

15:29; 27/1/18

18:04; 27/1/18 

 But it was you, Stacey and Darren, known for your aggression, verbal violence
and threats; not a salesman. 

Where is the video, of Stacey's knock, to which she refers, in the video, above?

At least, have the integrity and honesty, to leave all your videos, up.


More to follow, we expect.


Information to, as usual, please.



Prologue - Sins and Sons of Stinson

Why Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends, Antis, Vigilantes And Their Aggressive Thralls, Do What They Do

There Is Now No Need (Still) For The Paedophile Hunters [Sic] To Meet Their Prey - Ever

Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools

Tracking And Understanding, The Recent And Faltering, 'Hunter' And Follower, Pandemic, Moral Panic And Hysteria 

Vigilante Paedophile [Sic] Hunting Groups In The UK Are Out Of Control

You Know It Is All Over, Go Now, With A Modicum Of Integrity

We Love, The Smell Of Inevitability, In The Afternoon 

The Reasons, 'Hunters' Do Not Do, What They Should Be Doing
One More Nail, In The Coffin, Of Any Future Legal Authority

The 'Hunters' Are Restless

Not The First Time, These Simpleton Reprobates, Have Caused Conflict, Social Unrest And Public Order Issues

Slowy, But, Surely

Could Not Have Happened, To A Nastier, Guy (Well, Perhaps, A Few More, A Bit Nastier)


The Likes Of Stinson Hunter's Prey And Sex With 'Kids' - Get A Clue !!!


If you are affected, by any of the issues, raised, here ...

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  1. Can’t believe what I’ve just read.
    That baldy chav Tyson aka Darren having yet another rant on Facebook. One can clearly see he has now lost the plot #forthekids and instead has resulted in #showyourtrueselfbeingabullyingthug

    Any ‘normal’ adult ignores internet trolls, drama, playground tactics. This just shows these thick twunts are fame hungry, in it for the ego boost. On top of that the deluded ‘followers’ egging him on.
    Laughable is the use of ‘big investigation’. You think the Police will use up their precious time and resources to aid your blood thirsty need to bully and harass women? I doibt it Darren.
    Why don’t you spend your last few days as a hunter (lol) sorting a few men out that you don’t like? No? Thought not. You’re a woman hater and a bully and you’re pasting proof on your Facebook.

    Roll on the 31st when you are gone from this circus you clown. TICK TOCK..

    Been to Wales to pay helda Williams aka Sarah Williamson the vile person behind decunters and hunters vs hunters and many more hate pages a visit . Also people in this group is zee maddocks aka Alex phabian Trevor Vernon Mel Charlotte Rebecca wood . I've been caught on her cctv tonight so I'm letting you all know all I did was spend 10 mins knocking on her door but she didn't have the balls to come out and face me . Sarah Williamson called the police on me which ended up with us making statements at police station . There is now a big investigation going on regarding all the crimes she has committed. So just letting you all know I'm not the bad one here regardles of what her or her sick twisted friends say . Get ready for a Tyson hunter caught on cctv ��

    1. Except it wasnt her on Decunter you plank

      What a hero, what a guy, not only going with your gang to intimidate a woman but the wrong woman!!!

      3 cheers for the brains of these 'troll finders' they cant even get the right person

  2. That isn’t helda in your video that’s another public member they went after. One of many apparently. You’ve got confused here. You need to do your homework. Helda was visited by Tyson, Amelia and Stacey not the one on the video but they didn’t post a video of that one. They went after another admin of the pages.

  3. 'Spambox Release'

    I read this blog for information and intelligence on the vigilante hunters. It's impossible to understand what has happened. Please re-edit the article. Who? What? Why? Where? When? How? The hunters are unintelligible. I can't sit through minutes of senseless chat to finally discover what has happened 30 minutes in. Would someone please explain what exactly happened, to whom, by whom, why it was done, how it was done and what was done. Why is there no mention of Internet Interceptors in your blog entry? Apparently Julie and Gordon were heavily involved. If I am to continue having faith in this blog, please kindly think about a re-write. I follow the hunters' daily activity on social media quite closely but I have no idea what has happened from reading any of the above. I watched 28 incredibly dull and unintelligible minutes of 25/8 Hunters' video and only really understand they stopped for a McDonald's meal at Banbury. The rest is just unintelligible. Thank you so much. on They Cannot Take, All The Credit, For Being Gormless, Infantile, Harassing, Stalkers


    on 27/01/18

  4. Thank you to the OSC for capturing Tyson's latest threats on video. Saved me the bother of doing it and now we have the evidence we need that Tyson , Stacey and Amelia see absolutely nothing wrong in publicly naming, and threatning individuals who have done nothing other than express ther opinions on the vigilante community.

    These people need stopping now, as the BBC radio presenter recently stated, they are certainly not of any benefit to society.

    1. Not the first time Amelia has gone after someone innocent is it? or am I mistaken?

    2. She sees nothing wrong as long as its not HER that maniac team member of hers outs females all the time females with the same secrets or reasons as Darcy or Amelia all the time,not just faces or names either that they have posted before and both have facebook accounts with names and pictures on with hunters added,no he posts up womens houses and their addresses!! Says he will make pages of womens kids to scare them!! Amelia is a wankstain who cares nothing for any womens safety really

  5. I thought Sarah Williamson and Alexandra Fabian (Wendy) fell out due to Sarah finding out it was a women all along that she was speaking too? Was Sarah and Wendy both in on the decunters drr and hunter vs hunter pages?

  6. So we might be able to assume that Gordon Sumner/Birmingham of Internet Interceptors and Tyson Hunter and Stacey Hunter and Amelia James and Mark Astley are all in the same boat, working together, swapping intelligence, causing untold harm to innocent members of the public with valid opinions. People have mentioned that Doherty might have been in Gordon Sumner's car.

    I feel deeply sorry for the two ladies who were harassed last night. Harassed for what? Having an opinion and speaking out against the past 18-months campaign of abuse ultimately coming from Internet Interceptors towards other hunters and members of the public?

  7. Hi I’ve not written on here before. I’m the person Gordon visited and wanted to clear something up Amelia and Gordon contacted me saying they needed answers to who’s behind decunters ddr and hunter v hunter and they wouldn’t expose me. They first contacted me under a fake profile after harrasing my family account and twitter. They inboxed the page I used to chat under. Neville Bartus or something like that. Sending cryptic messages with my street name and things. They then wanted to know about the pages and so on or they would “bring shit to my door step/front door” they also said they don’t do a james and record telephone calls �� I can’t get those messages as Facebook seemed to realise they were harrasing me and blocked the account. They got my number off me so gave them and old decoy one I had from a while ago. Amelia called me and the first call they maliciously posted without my conscent is posted online! There’s also a reason I was always under a fake name but we won’t go into that yet have the cheek to go on about someone exposing Darcy when Darcy had decoys and hunters on her REAL profile so she’s done that all by herself!

    Just to clarify:
    Decunters ddr is: Emma royed *an account myself and Sarah had access to and anyone else she gave details too as it’s an account she loaned me as I couldn’t use my personal* , mae lexi Buckley *sarah*, Polly Davies *sarah*, immi marsden *zee or sarah*

    Hunter vs hunter had no connection to me what so ever and I was never an admin on there it was Katie Francis *sarah*, immi marsden *zee or sarah* and Mae lexi buckley* I have pictures of these and Amelia has seen one of them.

    After that phone call we chatted in Inbox as she wanted the info so I gave it her. I have inbox messages if you want them from Amelia asking me to carry on speaking to Sarah to find out what she’s up to and her “plans”. I did that night and I gave up after Gordon spoke to me on the phone the next day. He spoke to me “OK” wanted to meet me with Amelia and Amelia wanted me to meet her with Gordon and possibly Julie. I said to both I couldn’t as I’m Bed bound with a broken leg and have been since November which is a million percent true. He said he appreciated that and that he needed it sorting that day as what I had apparently done was blah blah blah! He said he would attend my property if i didn’t meet so I said no I’m not doing it here. He then went on telling me about PEDO RINGS in walsall and how he helps catch them or whatever but I told him I didn’t think he should be discussing the information with me, he bragged about his over 150,000 followers so it immediately clicked to me what was more important to him! He also discussed who Darcy really is, if it’s true then why would he potentially tell someone who he calls a TROLL? And if it’s a lie what a sick lie for a hunter to make up because there’s real victims out there on that case at the moment. Then all of a sudden he said he had to go and hung up. Here’s the summary of it but can’t remember the order as he was boring me and was bosting for a piss! :
    meeting up *but I couldnt*
    Accusations about his wife/girlfriend which wasn’t me
    exposures which I only exposed ones that were already on PUBLIC websites such as this one
    Shane’ apparently setup that door knock
    Chelsey isn’t a member of interceptors
    His popularity followers
    how social services work
    how data protection works
    Darcy meadows secret
    Walsall paedophile rings
    That was the only communications I had with him LMFAO well I said communication I don’t know if I said much really as I could sense the egotistic getting bigger I just remember saying yeah, yeah, oh, and my mom saying Hang up hang up Lol but I wanted to at least not be rude and hang up!!

    I contacted the police and they told me to inform Amelia to no longer contact me anymore and that went to others too and to block her so I did.


    1. I only wish I'd spoken to you long before you got involved with the 'hunting community.' If you are the lady on the phone call to Amelia:

      I would have told you NEVER to get involved with the hunters no matter how much you may think it is a 'good cause.'

      It is a huge mistake to give your personal details to these anarchaic scumbags, as they often use this against people.

      I would have also told you that if you wish to get involved in running a group that is concerned with the discussion of hunters, then you must NEVER trust anyone you don't know personally in real life to help run the group, nor must you ever let it be known who you are.

      The reasons for this are as you found out the hard way, these vigilante scumtards are the most devious, nasty individuals you could ever cross paths with. They are not just scum, they are SUPERSCUM!

      I hope this serves as a warning to others.
      Never approach the superscum with unclocked profile that leaves you vulnerable to attack.
      Never give them any details whatsoever about yourself.
      Never get into any private (inbox) communications with any of them.
      And Never, I repeat NEVER be daft enough to give them your phone number, skype with them, or let them find out your address.

      Do not underestimate the scumminess of the superscum!

    2. If those two were on that page posting these pictures why are there texts between these two asking why the fuck is Emma posting Amelia up for ?

    3. Get the kettle on two sugars in mine ;)

    4. Release ALL the chat,it will prove who was admin

    5. Release all downloaded data of page you stored too, all admins will be named on posts

    6. To the first replier above: my personal profile was very much kept away from it all. The only details People had was a PAYG number that I had from
      Decoying. Well as you say you live and you learn but it’s amazing how you can’t express and opinion. We had over 50 great reviews on that page so must of been doing something good. I’m so glad I have everything backed up for a rainy day. People are saying it was all a setup. Not a chance was it. It was a place for others to express and opinion everything shared was from public domain somewhere or what others had but as I stated that woman’s pic posted and says she needs to stay undercover didn’t to her case so why on earth have all those decoys and admins on the personal account? Makes no sense lol. Thanks anyway whoever you are. May be back one day ;-) but for now I’m happy just reading stuff on this website and being able to comment. X

      To the second replier: I have no idea what your going on about as me and Sarah never texted eachother once as we didn’t have eachothers numbers at all. I have chat logs showing Sarah on about Amelia and darcy. However Chloe sent in Amelia’s picture to be exposed. Sarah actually did show me other pictures of Amelia from romantic chat log between her and Astley but no idea how she got hold of those but they were to juicy not to share so why not. No children were ever posted as far as I’m aware and if there was then emojis were posted covering them

      Third replier: same for me please ;)

    7. Gordon never said anything about Darcy!! And it was you suggested a meet!

    8. EMMA put a new account on the page as admin and give everyone the login to go look on the page and who posted what, all admins are named on posts and all admins can see the names....removing admin wont delete their posts or the name where they posted . Doing it this way stops more photoshopped attempts at fake admin lies,everyone can look on the page direct.. Everyone can red mail too see exactly who said what, along with your retrieving stored chat you deleted from page the whole truth will out about who said what and who passed what and who posted what

      lets do whole truth Emma as I've been admin on no fucking page

    9. If you come back sit with the cunts as you have proven yourself to be just like them.

    10. LOL 'not written on here before' do you want me to post up where you say you write on here ??

  8. Then In the evening they turned up but when Gordon stated he asked someone who I was or where I lived or whatever he didn’t ask he interrogated and was very stern as we have this on cctv with a severely mentally disabled lady where I live. One thing no one does is upset her as she has two amazing sisters who came out to see what was wrong. It was not a setup you liar but you know all about setups dont you Gordon or should I say MG if the name in the paper is correct. Yes I can expose it as it’s PUBLIC! they didn’t leave straight away either so that’s another lie and it’s all on cctv along with their faces clear as anything! I have a camera outside my place and so do the neighbours as we are an area with 4 AOP’s and 2 disabled residents. They rode around for about 20 min driving passed the house. The police turned up and he was amazing. As soon as I mentioned interceptors he knew who I meant. Yesterday the update I got was when he left mine he traced the vehicle which I THINK is “Gordon’s” partners as she looked familiar so think that’s who was with him but again can’t be 100% sure as I’m new around here and only learnt who people were through zee and sarah so don’t quote me on that! The officer said turning up was out of order and thats what they do as hunters they need to expect Critism. He assured me it’s all sorted and I will have No Further harrasment from these people again but it’s nice now that I’ve been named that I will take this further!


  9. Im far from a hunter hater or a anti paedophile whatever yes I may be on this page but I like seeing which hunters are exposed in a bad light nothing more nothing less! . I’m disgusted at that. I have children in my family who I would keep safe from these evil scum but lately all I see is these hunters behaving Like animals! You have opinions on trolls and i just have opinions on how things should be done but I’m entitled to that like anyone else and no one ESPECIALLY Gordon is going to tell me what I’m saying is “wrong” it’s not wrong it’s an opinion it’s MY OPINION and I will carry on the rest of my life giving opinions and no one will stop that, thank god for this website where I can type without being door knocked or will I again? Hmmm. Another thing Gordon lied About, a few times I mentioned im disabled yet told my neighbours how was he suppose to know. He knew very well. Not that it matters as I’m happy the way I am, people can mock my voice on the call, people can mock my disability as I’m usually the first to do it myself anyway!

    Thanks to my 4 neighbours who stopped them in their tracks the other night however I have no idea how they thought I would beable to speak to them because I can’t get out of bed and no way was I allowing complete strangers in my home. I can see why these nonces act the way they do as they are very intimidating! Why not turn up in day light? Why wait till it’s dark and hood up?? I think I was more worried about my dog as she reminded me of a hunter or two going at the Window. She’s safe now and finally calmed down as we have had to move out my house for a bit which has been terrible as people don’t realise how difficult it is with a broken leg and for my own family with children to come at 12am to help move me! Disgraceful!

    One thing I won’t do in future is trust two women who I thought genuinely needed my help to decoy even though I was not experienced in the beginning and befriended me! Yet it seemed it was my help they needed.

    Anyway to all the haters keep hating, to all the opinionated ones keep opinionating and to those amazing ones who have found me on Facebook and messaged me they are friends for life.

    Trevor vernon & Melanie Charlotte I just wanna say your amazing and anyone goes after you there will be war as you’ve both done nothing wrong. You were admin on a GROUP not a page for about 3 days!!!! These people need to get facts correct. Let’s hope the media pick up this story of HUNTERS VS PUBLIC!! *nice ring to that lol ONLY MESSING*
    Over and out and good luck to all the great teams such as dark justice, uk database, Shane Brannigan & guardian angels let’s hope these others don’t ruin it for the decent ones.

    Much love to all PEACE ✌��


    1. I also see Sarah Williamson’s posted up a screen shot of a date mock up. Yes that’s deliberate because remember what you always said to me ;-) think back about how you showed me how to edit chat logs and things so thought I would stick some humour on your page. The actual is 31st December 2017 when you added immi and I asked who who it was. Never the less I don’t care anyway.

      As for Kevin Campbell I actually thought he was decent till seen him say I knew too much. I only know things I’ve been told by public members. FYI I have the decunters message data backed up so if you need any proof WHAT SO EVER of who sent what just message me. I didn’t tell those clowns I had them as that’s why they came banging on my door to see the messages. They wanted them for their own fame to use on people. I would rather out the people who were rude to me because I wouldn’t do as they wanted. Anyway Kevin if you want them all just be polite and ask. You’ll be shocked who sent what & A lot of stuff was not posted by me it was posted by others two. I mainly just posted public. Oh and Sarah or zee * the red unicorn* quit inboxing people with lies saying you tried to stop me posting exposure pictures. If you wanna go down that route IM sure we can find the chat log to prove who said and did what!

      But anyway again I wish you all well in this very corrupt community and hey, decunters and hunter vs hunter did exactly what we BOTH always said. Shook the community up to bring them together and bam it’s hopefully done just that. Maybe we will see some better work instead of animals flying around. Remember THATS MY OPINION!

      Over n Out x

    2. Jesus Rebekah/Rebecca woods will you give it a rest you are as big a problem as the other 2 divs that you are working with. God you don't half go on for someone who doesn't know very much about hunters. You are a snake

      Over and out

    3. If you have everything backed up then you can prove who posted every post on that page as all Admin are named and you will have saved notifications of every single post and which admin posted it. Which is you.

      Better still you still have the page why not let OCP log into your account for a second and look or you do a quick video scroll down the page that you are so famous for,but just remember any more set ups will be logged by the people you are innocently inciting all this abuse and hate towards. And you are being,requests are being made to look into who owned and ran the page,you state you just shook the community up,YOU,have the balls to own what you did,because inciting false hatred which causes distress IS a crime.

    4. ''Emma'' you had to leave your last community for causing same havoc, not just posting truth that needed outing but personal things that enrage people. You were manipulated by no one,didn't need any help in something you are already well skilled in.

      Screenshot ALL mail since you have it all to Amelia instead of missing out parts,parts where you are asked why you are posting females pictures and names up when they had not committed any dreadful ''hunting crime'' to warrant doing so and your reply of ''because I can''

      'Because I can' doesn't work for most people even if loathed the cunts and decent people would need a real bad reason to post females faces and identity up.

      Because I can show you text backdated stating ''why the bloody hell is she posting pictures of Amelia and Darcy up for'' This can be videod 'Emma' you cannot alter texts messages scrolled miles on video love. I can show reactions and puzzlement to such postings of yours.

      Or maybe someone should take your page and account holding it and give the login to others since you seem hellbent on lying to cover your own arse.

    5. Kevin Cambell rocks by the way, he wont back down to bullies,says things in his own name nor would he frame other innocent people for what he posts or says unlike you he's a good person and doing what he does for the right reasons not some game because hes bored at home

    6. She invited Gordon then filmed it to make a fuss

    7. Maybe Gordon AND Tyson can call for tea next time lol

    8. The lying little girl invited everyone one them to trap them so could get them arrested. Wake up people yous played into the scumbag trolls hands and probably wanted to catch Gordon n Julie on camera so can make another page and out them?!!! All makes sense now...sarah n that zee is it? You too played right into nasty woman’s hands.

  10. Capital OCP more than happy to defame the character of whoever was running Decunters DDR and Hunter Vs Hunter pages by claiming those pages were run by, ''pro paedophile activists.''

    Amelia and Astley both seem highly deranged and living in a fantasy world. Mind you, after years of being involved in the hunting community drama I suppose it is par for the course with these morons. Their every days lives are about spreading ficticious lies about other people. This time they, along with some of the other degenerates have gone too far and will get their karma.

    I doubt the page owners would bother to sue but I would love to see Capital OCP get their come uppance.

    It's such a shame their ''hunting careers'' are about to come crashing down!

  11. Yes Gordon sumner is another up Amelia’s ass. Amelia said Gordon sent me with a message to say!.... Amelia the fat cow in the back who slagged Gordon off!
    She’s involved in every drama. Was with Gary shields. Befriend internet interceptors after what they did too Shane but yet they want the rats gone! I couldn’t believe it when I heard her in the car!
    I really wish the police would stop it soon. These hunters search anyone and everyone and especially if they don’t agree with you they come knocking on your door. How long are the police going to accept this. Searching data, some personal like Gordon sumner does through Social services data with his ex gf.
    Not only are they giving the police drama with pretend kids men are talking too but the hunters themselves who cause their own drama. The police will crack on with these hunters as it’s affecting the public.

  12. I posted earlier this morning on the OSC's previous post.
    My full name was given out by Tyson Hunter on there live feed lastnight.
    That feed has been listened too by thousands.
    Since then ive been trolled relentlessly by the Hunters and there so called supporters
    ive been called the most unspeakable names, threatened with physical violence and accused of abuse all this hate has been sent to my inbox.
    As i mentioned earlier my partner was ready to find and confront Tyson
    but since then we have both decided that violence is not the answer we will not stoop down to the vigalentes level.
    We have been advised to seek legal advice.
    I have received no apology from Tyson for his totally unwarranted hate campaign against me.
    He had absolutely no reason to bring my name into anything.
    I haven't commited any crime
    i have never even mentioned his name.
    The reason for this deranged mans hate campaign against me is simply because i dared to voice my opinion on a page on fb that he didn't like.
    Thank you to the OSC for allowing me to post here.
    More from me soon. MB

    1. It’s awful what they have done to you. They have been like it a long time. Take care and don’t ever let anyone bring you down. I hope a page goes up one day where everyone can share their stories. These people think because they are part of a “hunting circus, sorry I mean COMMUNITY” That they now have a title and can run around knocking on anyone’s doors to confront them, nonce or not. God help what this bunch were like when they were at school and someone stole their lunch or picked on them.

  13. What the hell is he doing going to a member of the publics address and looking in her bedroom window ?
    So what if they get criticism that's part & parcel of what they do
    not everyone is going to agree with it.
    So does that mean every person that criticises them are going to get a knock at the door ?
    Id love them to come to my door they would get a dam site more than they bargained for.
    As for that Gordan c**t that's sick going to a invalid lady in a wheelchairs home what gives any of them the right to threaten and harass innocent ppl.
    They talk about bringing the community together is this really the way to bring anything together by taking innocent ppl out ? They are hateful, spiteful ppl. Karma will get them.
    PS Kris Koo speaks the truth well done Kris.

  14. 'Redacted'

    Yes Gordon sumner is another up Amelia’s ass. Amelia said Gordon sent me with a message to say!.... Amelia the fat cow in the back who slagged Gordon off! She’s involved in every drama. Was with Gary shields. Befriend internet interceptors after what they did too Shane but yet they want the rats gone! I couldn’t believe it when I heard her in the car! I really wish the police would stop it soon. These hunters search anyone and everyone and especially if they don’t agree with you they come knocking on your door. How long are the police going to accept this. xxxxx, some personal like Gordon sumner does xxxxx with his ex gf. Not only are they giving the police drama with pretend kids men are talking too but the hunters themselves who cause their own drama. The police will crack on with these hunters as it’s affecting the public. on They Cannot Take, All The Credit, For Being Gormless, Infantile, Harassing, Stalkers


    on 27/01/18

    1. lol they hate Gordon and Julie

    2. An actual hunter gave 'emma' a login to an account that got her in every group hunters are in both 'business' and social

      She's still there and hope she does another page and falsely blames Gordon and Amelia as admin this time lol

  15. #### Gordon Sumner, Internet Interceptors intelligence. ####

    His real name *might* be Matthew Gilbert. It's a theory hotly debated on Facebook and elsewhere. See Stoke-on-Trent's newspaper article where this name is provided:

    Who is the I.I. team member mentioned in the above newspaper article? Is Matthew Gilbert really Gordon>?

    Grateful if you could publish this in your comments section and if any of your commentators can confirm or deny, it would be great as this man (Gordon Sumner, Marcus Johnson, Birmingham, or whatever he calls himself) has caused lasting mental harm to several innocent members of the public.

    I, for one, want to be in Crown Court on the day this man and his evil sidekick, Sarah Christina Doherty, go to prison for their bullying and harassment.

    1. The woman who was harrassed did mention seeing a name on the police report and those intials were in fact ''MG.''

    2. On a telephone call with him he DID state his name was published in the press last week hence why I stated MG above in my post. Hope that helps you

    3. Oh shut up Emma,still posting up shit crap you never bother looking into

    4. No way would he confirm his name was printed in the press,use you loaf to when you are getting fed bullshit to put you off track

    5. I would take it all with a pinch of salt.
      Gordon sumner has also been in another newspaper as
      “A from Wolverhampton from internet interceptors”
      He was saying his name was Andy at one point and he lives in Sutton Coldfield

  16. Nobody should be blaming that lady who Amelia rang. Everyone knows how Sarah and Wendy befriend people and rope you in. She did say she only wrote about 5 posts and doesn’t know anything about the community.
    Amelia you should be ashamed of yourself, you’ve made that lady a victim again! You didn’t tell her you was recording and you told her she wouldn’t be mentioned if she helped which she did so why still mention her. Making up fake profiles to get her number etc disgraceful.
    People don’t like what hunters do, get over it. You can’t knock everyone’s door. I hope the police put a stop to this door knocking.
    You’ve got Gordon sumner driving his gf around pixie sumner getting her joining in, it’s getting stupid!

    1. Failed copper. Mark Twatface claims there's no legal issue with recording phone calls, but that is only if record them 'for your own use.'

      What they have done, is then shared that publicly, without the knowledge/permission of the person being recorded which is a breajc of their privacy.

      ''The legal aspect comes in to the equation if someone shares the recording without the consent of the people in the call.''

    2. Whoever you are thank you. No I shouldn’t of been part of a corrupt community, no I shouldn’t of agreed to become part of a group that was for expressing opinions. Sarah is a nice girl between the stalkerish things. Zee on the other hand she’s the one who acts innocent yet fuels the fire and lets sarah go then moans when Sarah’s getting attacked. I said to someone yesterday if it was Sarah they found would she of said WELL EMMA IS BEHIND SO AND SO TOO! course she would! What I fail to understand is I thought police told her she was no longer suppose to use hvh due to investigation or am I wrong? Someone’s contacted me saying I should approach the media but what’s that going to achieve? Nothing just more hate for something that’s twisted already. You’ve got Sarah accusing Amelia of threatening me with arrest Lmao That has never happened and I will back Amelia up on that even though I now dispise the woman who had a cheek to ask someone how I was yesterday then an hour later play another recording of me. The woman’s trying to gain popularity it seems . Threats of bringing shit to my door YES but not arrest as I already know police are not bothered by it the officer who dealt with the case stated to me no further problems will he had other than my property is now marked for my own safety x

    3. The 'poor little disabled lady'' sob story worked well on you.

      This shit is what she does and we will show you

    4. Only did 5 posts but made a new page from Decoy HQ to Decunter DDR while still chatting to everyone at the same time and making groups in Emma Boyd account, are you thick?

      Her real account is still on that page and she can add you (he best mates) as an admin, she can add any of her friends as admin, add all of OCP and Interceptors too as admin,add all the loudmouth hater cunts as admin too so everyone can go take a look at which admin posted what posts, which she wont do as ALL say emma did

    5. ''What I fail to understand is I thought police told her she was no longer suppose to use hvh due to investigation or am I wrong? ''

      I believe she was advised by the police to have no further contact with the people involved in harrassment and intimdation, nothing was said about her page AFAIK.

      It was actually myself that advised her privately that it would be a good idea to cease running the page, for reasons I won't go into.

    6. And still you are going on without proof ... Yawn

      Wasn't me that sent three takeawys to Chelsey and blamed Shane was it Miss?

      I suppose I'm to blame for manipulating you to troll that too.. even though I had never even fucking spoke to you then

      You troll just fine and with experience on your own,I always said sending takeaways was not something this community did when arguing and it proved to be true, it was you.

  17. Two of the video links are now not working presumably because Facebook took them down. Please could you consider downloading the vids from Facebook and then uploading to here or to Youtube. It's quite jarring to be reading the blog entry and find the video link not working because Facebook (another application all together) have taken it down. This could be avoided if you just published the videos yourself, then they're yours for life.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  18. I see James state some chat logs Sarah Doherty claims she owned were actually his.

    I wonder who made the statement to police for them

  19. You cannot remove yourself off a page you have to delete the page ''Emma Boyds'' real account is still on that page.

    A deactivated or 'banned' page is still there until you actually delete it.

    You cannot delete a page for 14 days from pressing 'delete page' and you have to go back after 14 days and press confirm delete.

    All admin names are on each post they posted and are clearly seen by all page admin

    They could ask ''Emma'' to screenshot said posts posted by supposed others admin or login to her account and look for self who is admin and who posted every single post on that page,but they won't do things the right or logical way at it's more setups yet again.

    They have provided some ''proof'' others are page admin,this proof was unfortunate to be posted though without being checked that this photoshopped fakery 'proof' showing all page admin had the date December 2018 on.

    Truth does not matter though does is when corrupt people need to name others for own agenda. Same old though with all of this lot isn't it.

  20. Don't bother releasing liar pants I will help myself ;)

    Some people don't have to move to visit

  21. It doesn’t matter what that girl posted. She was took in by Sarah Williamson and Wendy. Doing what they told her to do.
    The girl admits she didn’t know about the community so them pair must of been telling her to post the info

  22. Emma add lots of the community as admin on your page let them all go look at who posted every single post on that page

  23. James rant was well overdue
    Bet Gordon doesnt go to his house to try scare him lol
    And whats this about Julie claiming some chat logs were hers but they were James's
    Naught naughty Julie

  24. What video type evidence did Patrick and Amelia submit? On every post asked about it they claimed they did not video anyone before confirming their identity so therefore made no video of this man to give as evidence

    Although every single sting of theirs even ones who walked with NFA including a wife who had never touched her boyfriends phone will show you the opposite,that they videoed and then asked identity

    Amelia has gone to court armed with character references after begging on a Capital OCP post and others for character references from people who only 'know' her online,jesus wept

    1. I remember this sting though and when it became apparent that this wasn't the 'target' the feed was cut swiftly?

  25. She was taken in by two 'trolls' ??

    Sound good for your agenda... Except Miss Trolly Emma showed trolly colours way before even talking to anyone in this community on that Decoy HQ page

    She sent the THREE takeways to Chelseys house and then guess what,blamed Shane by putting his name on the order. She's great at naming others for her crimes,this troll who had to leave one community because of her postings needs no help from anyone

    1. I would imagine Chelsey accepted those takeways gracefully, after giving the driver a blowy in exchange.

  26. If you were passed everything to post by two people Rebeka/Emma/DecoyHQ/Decunters DDR/Decunters Group/Internet Deceptors Group/The Hub whatever it was called then release all the chat showing pictures and info fed to match your hundreds of posts

  27. oh dear its turning out this Rebeka was the one who outed another female and her address,Rhiannan

    and also phoned social services on laura.. a lot of these things were before she even talked to who shes blaming and these are not troll things these are practiced cunt things,phoning three takeaways naming shane which caused him and then another woman to get the blame and phoning social services and housing on laura too its turning out? Well out of order

  28. In reference to ss shown about the apparent take aways I sent. 1) it’s rubbish and 2) where is my name apart from a joy fields stating it. To me all I see is rubbish posted with Facebook user. Sarah has access to that account so ladies and gents expect more fake convos to be produced soon. Took her days to add them up after saying about them now I wonder why. I have sent in some ss of Sarah’s warped mind accusing 25/8 of using a murderer to accompany them on a sting if anyone wants them Kia Hall has them. She was determined to post up the link but to scared it would tie to herself. Sarah cut the lies, the person on the phone I spoke to was a setup and was Wendy everyone knows that now. The Canadian accent switch gave it away as I told joy when I first met her I was in Canada lol very coincidental is it not? You might aswel quit while your ahead as I’m getting inboxes off ppl telling me to ring police on harrasment but I’ve said no as your digging yourself into a deeper hole. You will never stop ever you have an obsession with Mark and a vendetta with Amelia just wish I knew why. Now get off Facebook and look after your son who for as long as we have been speaking has had no mother only for 3 hours or so a few days a week when you would disapear and even then you were on your phone in between times. My legs healing and finally getting back to reality and start my jobs again next week. Try it you might enjoy practical work instead of trolling. I may look like a troll but I’m certainly not one!

    Ringing social services I’m shocked you accuse me of that as why on earth would I when the girls nearly an adult! Get a grip trying to pin blame on everyone and it’s still funny your speaking as hunter as if your not Sarah, then commenting as your pages having convos. Do you know what a mental case you look to people.

    Ps Sarah where’s these news paper interviews you did? Was suppose to be out yesterday wasn’t it? As you said you’ve been working closely with the media? Still waiting to see this amazing masterpeace interview lol

  29. Nice try 'Emma'' except it was your own mother laughed over the first reaction to the takeaway and said phone another,so you did... Youre not very good at this bitch trolling thing not only did you get caught out you TOLD everyone what you did.
    Confessed to two takeaways even down to what they were, confessed that your mother sat laughing with you,confessed to calling social services as smoking weed near a kid was wrong and the called the housing said it wasn't right for anyone to rip off the benefit system.. Your need to brag at doing things to people was your downfall

    Your very first posts were against Chelsey before you started being the community warrior things your attack on her was full belt before anyone was much aware of your page,shots of mail which Karma has of you not only confessing to calling social services but telling everyone to and Karma is contacting Laura sending her this proof,nothing to do with us nor have we ever seen such mail.

    The hole being dug is yours since you persist in being not only a lying conniving shit but attempting to let an innocent woman take the fall for you and your games online so if you think I'm ever going to stop fkn dream on

    You had a hate page made of you in your last community for these same level trolling reasons and screen shots are up showing you bragged of taking this other community down and having to not only run away but keep your identity hidden for that reason.
    It's a repeat of the last but you are no good person outing bad people because if it was you could never name innocent people as admin to take the fall.

    Why are you hiding on this blog ? Is it because you confessed to Amelia all the people mailing your page ? Dropped them all in the shit ?

    Amazing how you remembered all the mail, remembered all their names and the subjects they told you even and all the conversations even though you were not on the page, booted off or overtaken by trolls or had your accounts hacked or whichever of the many excuses you keep telling different to different people and was no way involved eh ? lol

    You only found out this was being done on your page when Amelia contacted but could not only ream off lists of people but all they had mailed and said.

    *More to follow,as they say

    1. Please provide any actual proof about this as so far you’ve shown chat logs that are nothing to do with me. Sarah why not give up. People know what your like. Your just pissed that I landed you in shit when they accused me. I was not taking the wrap for something your also part of. Again concentrate on that child of yours!

    2. Your best mates have just released your address


    3. Pictures of your sister next...if you don’t start telling Amelia Gordon n tyson truth tat only u was involved on decunters or any other groups. It gone on to far now. To many inconsistencies in your bs beckah wood. Also time to hang that hunter out to dry who give you access to their account n you took piss out of him/her.

    4. Stop threatening her with pictures Mark Astley,obviously you,only you threaten women with pictures and addresses out and stealing their kids pics

  30. I dont care who was behind the Decunters or Hunter vs hunter pages.
    Does it really matter.
    It was a great place to air views without getting backlash or getting blocked.
    Pages like these are needed.
    Please make some more pages where people can air there thoughts about the vigalente hunter teams.

    1. I totally agree. I don't wish to see all that screen shot drama but I do like a place where we can speak our minds without being shut down by chav vigilante fascists.

    2. You dont care because you want me to shut up now because you got caught out lying, tough shit