Thursday, 11 January 2018

Usual, Fantastical, Incorrect, Bullshit, From Mr Wittwer, But, We Always Like Good News

It, just, keeps coming, from Chris


DO tell us, about your 'paedophile ring exposures', Mr Wittwer.


Information to, as usual, please.



Prologue - Sins and Sons of Stinson

Why Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends, Antis, Vigilantes And Their Aggressive Thralls, Do What They Do

There Is Now No Need (Still) For The Paedophile Hunters [Sic] To Meet Their Prey - Ever

Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools

Tracking And Understanding, The Recent And Faltering, 'Hunter' And Follower, Pandemic, Moral Panic And Hysteria 

Vigilante Paedophile [Sic] Hunting Groups In The UK Are Out Of Control

You Know It Is All Over, Go Now, With A Modicum Of Integrity

The Reasons, 'Hunters' Do Not Do, What They Should Be Doing
One More Nail, In The Coffin, Of Any Future Legal Authority

The 'Hunters' Are Restless

Not The First Time, These Simpleton Reprobates, Have Caused Conflict, Social Unrest And Public Order Issues

Slowy, But, Surely

Could Not Have Happened, To A Nastier, Guy (Well, Perhaps, A Few More, A Bit Nastier)


The Likes Of Stinson Hunter's Prey And Sex With 'Kids' - Get A Clue !!!


If you are affected, by any of the issues, raised, here ...

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  1. Another thoroughly unpleasant person. Chris Wittwer has obviously upset somebody big-time because Max Margoyles has made a video taking the piss out of him. It's actually quite fun.

    Congrats to Max, you summed up Chris Wittwer perfectly!

  2. Wittwer is a know it all.... Well he likes to think he is. Likes to play billy big bollox but only when he's surrounded by his security. He's definitely got short man syndrome.

  3. Vigilantes love humiliating their trophies.

  4. Like anyone's gonna piss themselves yeah whatever Chris full of crap.

  5. Why would you want to humiliate anyone like that. Just shows the low level of immaturity these hunters and there sheep have. Hope to god they get there karma im sure they will. What goes around comes around.

  6. You can just tell Wittwer was bullied at school. Poor little bold man now needs to feel important.

  7. Wittwer has a unhealthy obbsesion with paedophilia its strange and very creepy.

  8. Its not a circus so don't run it as such its,child protection and a very serious issue and this is on the same level of playing bingo on stings.No way is this any form of professional yet he claims hes working with the police and seems to think they will allow people who do this ego driven dreadful show with no care for his family.The innocent family suffer too by what you do.

  9. And he reckons the police will work with him acting like this? HAHAHAHA