Wednesday, 12 September 2012

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12 September 2012 Last updated at 07:47

PSNI investigate Limavady Facebook 'paedophile' claims

"The police in Limavady are monitoring a Facebook page that claims to name and shame paedophiles in the area.

Individuals have already been named and pictures have been uploaded and addresses discussed.

A number of threatening remarks have also been made.

The Sinn Fein Mayor of Limavady, Cathal McLaughlin says someone will get hurt and he is disappointed that the police haven't taken action to remove the page.

"I believe everybody should know if there is a paedophile [sic] in the area but I don't think this is the right way to go about it.

"There are allegations here which could lead to someone getting harmed, and it's possible that these are false allegations.

"These allegations are serious. Peoples names and addresses are all there. What could happen to these people.

"It should be up to the police to inform people. If there is a paedophile [sic] in the area, that's the right way to go about it, not on Facebook or other social media.""

12 September 2012 Last updated at 06:42

'Paedophile' Facebook page monitored by police

"The page has appeared on the social networking site, Facebook

The police are monitoring a page on a social networking site that claims to name paedophiles in the Limavady area of County Londonderry, the BBC has learned.

More than 1,000 people are following the Facebook page on which threatening remarks have been made.

Addresses have been discussed and pictures of individuals have been uploaded.

The police have identified the person behind the page."

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