Friday, 28 September 2012

Try Anger Management and Logic Classes, Richard

Sep 27 2012

Man branded a 'disgusting creep' avoids jail over child sex images

"But Judge Richard Griffith-Jones handed him a community order after delaying passing sentence to let his anger subside.

He told North: “In many years sitting on the bench it has been my misfortune to see disgusting images of abuse – and these are as bad as any I’ve seen.

“I tell you frankly, that if I had sentenced you before lunch, such was my anger, you would have had an immediate custodial sentence [good job you had a snack, so as to clear your mind, Richard].

“Sentence must not take place when the judge is angry; but it is anger I am happy to confess to, because any right-minded person would be angry at what those pictures showed [only the unright-minded person, would be unable to divorce, what the images appeared to show, from the case in hand].

“I suspect most people would have the same reaction as me and want to see you behind bars. [why, are they worryingly-emotional, too?]

“I have read a report which shows a different type of man to the disgusting creep [prejudicial and offensive] who accesses this sort of picture [evidence?].

“I want to stop you ever supplying [sic] this disgusting market [sic] by looking at such pictures [sic].

“The best way of doing that is to ensure you are subject to a programme in which, psychologically, you will have no hiding place [oh, please].”

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