Sunday, 16 September 2012

Spot The Cognitive Distortions

7:00pm Sunday 16th September 2012

Sex attack victim says court ruling has taken his rights away

"THE victim of a paedophile [sic] Anglican priest believes his human rights have been taken away by a court ruling.

He is angry the Rev GC at some stage could appeal to have his name taken off the Sex Offenders’ Register.

It follows a Supreme Court decision that placing offenders on the list for life breaches their rights.

The victim, now in his 40s, who cannot be named, said: “His human rights? What about mine?

“He took my human rights away when he abused me, so it gave me fulfilment when he was jailed and put on the register.

“Now it feels like he’s getting his human rights back and mine are being taken away again.

“The register is to protect the person who’s been abused and other potential victims.

“There’s a saying, ‘Once a paedophile, always a paedophile’, so he should remain on the register for life.”"

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