Friday, 28 September 2012

We Can Make You Such A Rule, It Is Easy ...

Thursday 27 September

Police chief appears to squirm over sex

"Police seem to struggle to answer questions on the issue of undercover officers having sex or long-term relationships with activists

More squirming from police chiefs today when the question of the long-term or sexual relationships between undercover officers and activists arose in public.

Jenny Jones, the Green member the London assembly, raised what she called the "problematic" issue at the committee overseeing the Metropolitan police.

At times, Craig Mackey, the deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, seemed to struggle for his words when he answered the questions.

He said an undercover officer would not be authorised to start a sexual relationship with an activist, but added the curious caveat "not ordinarily".

Challenged on that, he said :"You can't write a rule for every particular scenario". He claimed that the document which sets out what each undercover officer is authorised to do is not so detailed that it covered the subject."

2 October 2012 Last updated at 03:15

Undercover police 'betrayed' women in relationships

"Mark Kennedy Undercover officer Mark Kennedy had relationships when working covertly.

A group of women who claim they were tricked into sexual relationships with undercover policemen have spoken for the first time.

In exclusive interviews with the BBC they say the officers deliberately invaded their private lives in order to spy on them.

A group of eight women are now suing the Metropolitan Police, claiming the deceit has caused them lasting damage.

The Met says such relationships are "never authorised"."





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