Thursday, 20 September 2012

Trelander Morons

Thursday, September 20, 2012

False 'paedo' claims sicken Truro lollipop man

"A TRURO lollipop man has been left sickened after his estate was plastered with signs falsely claiming he was a paedophile.

Andrew Banfield, 47, said he considered "packing in" his job after more than a dozen posters with the word "paedo" and his address were put up around Trelander last week.

Andrew Banfield, with one of the malicious signs that had been posted around the estate where he lives.

It was the third time since November last year the innocent father of one has been subjected to what police called slanderous hatred against an individual.

"There has never been any allegations of paedophilia and I have never been investigated for such offences and the whole thing is totally made up," Mr Banfield told the West Briton this week.

"I do not know why this is happening, we have got clean records.

"We find this very upsetting, heartbreaking and it makes me feel sick."

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