Thursday, 31 January 2013

How Some Of Our Society Treats Its Disabled

9:40am Thursday 31st January 2013

Families hit out at ‘disgusting’ sentence for Newport paedophile [sic]

"THE families of children abused by a paedophile [sic] who avoided a jail sentence because of his low intelligence said they are disgusted with his sentence.

CL, 40, Newport, was found guilty by a jury last year of committing seven charges of indecent assault against a girl under 13, and one charge of sexual assault on another girl under 13.

The offences against two victims took place between April 2001 and 2010 before L was arrested in November 2011.

Yesterday, Cardiff Crown Court heard Lee did not appear at the trial in person after psychiatrists found he was not intelligent enough to give evidence, instruct counsel or mount a defence." 

"welshflinty says... 9:57am Thu 31 Jan 13 If the BNP was in power, this scum would be put to death.

ej1986 says... 11:56am Thu 31 Jan 13 he looks what he is the sick vile pig!!!

let em swing says... 12:08pm Thu 31 Jan 13 The lefties let them walk, and nothing will be done until he rapes the judges granddaughter.

let em swing says... 2:36pm Thu 31 Jan 13 Hopehere, your family deserve a medal and this scumbag deserves 10 years, your husband must be a saint, as i would have caused him serious harm, but hey ho his name and picture is on here, let the vigilantes give him some retribution."

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