Friday, 18 January 2013

Nice To Have Eclectic Admirer's Of Our Work


"The Vachss quotes are at least powerful rhetoric I guess.

Oldfield's own relentlessly bleak and joyless pro-paedo blog is - he's an arsehole [how rude] and him and the shrill Absolute Zero, PeeJ et al team all deserve each other - there are so many similarities I can see in this shit to the whole pathetic fascist and anti-fascist mess and how they like to meet round the back where their tiny circle closes too. Mental disorder, puerile obsession and people who don't leave the house enough.

I think Sotos has become more interesting over the years simply because he's become a really fucking great writer and someone whose work will be read and remembered for many years to come. There are more than enough human train wrecks in the world, they're in the news every day."

Special Interests Magazine


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