Monday, 25 November 2013

Paedo Factories

November 22, 2013

Child porn: Does supply feed demand? [cf. Does Gay Porn Make People Gay?]

“The Internet offers a kind of playground with lots of opportunities for criminals [sic] in all kinds of spheres, including this one (child porn) but what is interesting, and we have an example of this in Operation Mainmise, is that the Internet also provides opportunities to police officers” to catch them, Lt. Jean Lafrenière said after a news conference detailing the operation at SQ headquarters in Montreal Thursday.

But the question of whether pedophilia [sic] is a growing phenomenon because of the greater availability of child pornography on the Internet has not been answered by researchers.

“There is no scientifically established data on that, but we have seen statistics like three to seven per cent of the population in Western democracies (having pedophilic tendencies ['CP' is not just about pre-pubescent minors, though, is it?]),” said Dr. John Bradford, a professor of psychiatry in the forensic psychiatry division of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.

“That is a significant number but it does not differentiate between people with a sexual interest in children and those who actually molest children.”

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