Monday, 18 November 2013

The Day The Whole Internet Was Censored, Using 'CP' As The Excuse (Again)


Here We Go Again - Bing, Bong, Google, Giggle


Of course, anyone who is not lying, or has a modicum of knowledge and/or principles, knows, that these search terms would never bring up any potentially-illegal images, and have not been able to do so, for many years; knowing that, there is no intention, here or elsewhere, to do so. We do know, that they will be on 'the list'.

Bing, first. SafeSearch off. We could turn images off, but, we will take Microsoft's word for it, as a newbie will.

Web search ...


 Much as before, now image/videos/news search ...

We have no idea what the 100,000 possible search terms could be !!!

Now, the zealots, profiteers and simpletons, will be jumping up-and-down, for joy, about that result (not that it stops anything, that really matters, of course).

However, the bonafide researcher and Libertarian should be very concerned, indeed.

Image searches lead, often more rapidly, to very valuable (re)sources ... for example, court documents, media reports, related cases and issues etc. etc. etc.

This is, of course, the (predicted and usual) danger of knee-jerk, blanket, censorship.

This is a private company, Microsoft, throwing the baby out with the bath water, for popularity and profit.

This is the false flag, which is (and has been, for a long time) to be used, for all topics, which are, or will be, deemed to be unacceptable, for our consumption.

This is where we are in 2013 ... and it has little to no point (as suggested), at all.

Next time, Google.


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Published 18 November 2013

Internet safety summit at Downing Street: communiqué

Published 18 November 2013

PM hosts internet safety summit


Posted on November 18, 2013

Online child safety [sic] – big things [sic] happening 

"Pulling out the stops

Google and Microsoft have really pulled out the stops. This is a very impressive initiative. It is narrowing the spaces in which paedophiles [sic] and collectors of child abuse images [sic] can operate. The challenge now is to work out how to gauge the effectiveness of and learn from the various measures that are being put in place but I am sure there is a will so we can find a way.

The beginning of a new phase

This is unlikely to be the end of the story but there is no question we have reached an important milestone. There are still anxieties about the Darknet and the true extent to which it and the use of encryption may continue to frustrate law enforcement’s and everybody’s efforts. But we don’t always have to do the really hard stuff first. Dealing with the more open parts of the internet has to be a key priority precisely because it is so accessible and therefore has the greater potential to draw in new offenders. All the companies involved deserve a great deal of credit for their willingness to sail into these uncharted waters and so does Claire Perry MP and the Government as a whole for sticking with the issue in the way that they have. I await with interest to see how what is happening in the UK starts to roll out or impact other jurisdictions."

8:55PM GMT 18 Nov 2013

Child abuse: the net is closing

"Corporate promises to block child abuse images will not affect the 'deep web’, where most transactions take place. However, in this murky realm old-fashioned police work is starting to win against the criminals "

October 5, 2013

Child abuse images – developments in the UK


7:20am, Mon 18 Nov 2013

Search engines already block abuse images, says lawyer

Google's block of child-abuse search terms is "hype"

David Cameron’s grand plan is actually a sham

Child abuse image policies risk looking like cynical manipulation

Net crackdown 'won't stop abusers' [sic]

Google block will not stop child porn, experts warn

Stopping child exploitation needs more policing

Making images of paedophilia [sic] harder to find on Google is no bad thing, but it doesn’t tackle the abuse itself

Pornography filters on or off? That's a conversation couples will have to have, says David Cameron

Search engines take on child abuse: The 'massive breakthrough' where little has changed

Child porn predators [sic] will bypass new measures to stop paedophilia [sic] online, warn Scots experts

Google barriers ‘won’t prevent’ paedophiles [sic] downloading child abuse images

Twitter accused by MPs of not doing enough to prevent online abuse and trolling


Addendum (23/12/13)

Published 23 December 2013 14:16

Cameron's internet filter goes far beyond porn - and that was always the plan

"Through secretive negotiations with ISPs, the coalition has divided the internet into 'acceptable' and 'unacceptable' categories and cut people off from huge swathes of it at the stroke of a key."

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