Friday, 29 November 2013

Sometimes Our Research Surprises Us - David Yelland

January 20, 2011

Murderers and paedophiles are still people

"I want you to put yourself in what might be a difficult position. Imagine a parallel universe where you are you in every way, except, suddenly, you find yourself having impure thoughts about children.

Lucky for you, in that universe, Britain is a tolerant and understanding country which punishes people for their actions rather than demonising them for their thoughts. You have the confidence to admit your thoughts to friends and, if necessary, psychological professionals. You can work through your issues in a positive, constructive way and continue to lead a normal life. Wonderful."

We going to feature David Yelland (editor of The Sun, 1998-2003), after hearing his , sometimes laughable, if sometimes honest, recent thoughts ... until, we found, it appears, that he has a conscience and some knowledge ...

"I was inspired to think about this over Easter. Travelling in and out of London every day, I read a lot of the _Evening Standard_ – hey, it’s free, I’m a student. One evening, the paper featured an interview with former _Sun_ editor David Yelland. The primary focus of the piece was Yelland’s alcoholism in the job. While this was fascinating, one section interested me in particular: “I couldn’t have edited the _Sun_ sober … I was having to judge people, even people like murderers or paedophiles, for example — and these people are not as different from the rest of us as we’d like to think.”"

Live and learn - eh?

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