Friday, 29 November 2013

Ms Shy Keenan - Just Cannot Stop Her 'PTSD Blurting' - Perhaps She Should Get It Treated?

 Not The Actions, Of A Stable, Suffering, Private, Person

A Lead Consultant, on a non-existent construct


"As a high profile [sic, Ester Ranzten says "who?"] social injustice campaigner/law maker/victims advocate [sic] I've been described by some [by yourself, we expect] as three times stronger than any household bleach - because it's true [evidently, it is not] - but I'm also a living breathing human being with thoughts, feelings and opinions that I share on my blog, please do feel free to join me. [thank you, we will]" [all welcome, Ms Keenan tells us]



So 'strong', Ms Keenan runs to whomever she can, every time her confusions, lies and disinformation are challenged.

Same old bullshit, fabrications, lies and free associations - different web page ... with one, sure, element of truth ...

Nothing new to see there, move along.

The OSC 


Addendum (1/12/13; 4:09 am)

More Gamble-assisted 'Blurting' (aka Bullshit) ...

However, Ms Keenan, you are correct, in that, you are certainly poisonous, to those who are good and true. 

Oh ... and then a couple of thrall wannabes, chip-in ...

What 'exploiting the internet', can possibly mean, we have no idea.

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