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Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel, Chasing A Plastic Lure - No Victim, No Harm Done - Well, That May Come Later

"Me love you long time"...
Ten (Nine?)-year-old, sexbomb, loliprost, Filipino web cam avatar Sweetie

"Mmmmmm, this one should give him a stiffy" ...
Some sad, Dutch, 'Paedo Hunter'.

"Our worst scenario is that the same thing will happen with this as
has [not] happened with child pornography - that is [not] now a multibillion-dollar
industry in the hands of criminal gangs [lying, ignorant or profiteering?]."
... Has Guyt, Terre des Hommes


6:23pm UK, Monday 04 November 2013

Child [sic] Sex Sting Sees 110 Brits Caught Online

"British paedophiles [sic] are among 1,000 webcam sex tourists [?] caught by a team using a digitally animated 10-year-old Filipino girl [not a girl].

The researchers created a Filipino digital avatar called Sweetie

A team of paedophile hunters [sic] has caught 110 Britons asking a fake Filipino 10-year-old to commit sex acts for money online

The Brits were among a total of 1,000 offenders from 65 countries.

They were identified in a ten-week period by four researchers who carried out a sting by posting details of a fake girl in chat rooms.

The operation was carried out by a team from child protection organisation Terre Des Hommes Netherlands, which created a digital "avatar" of a 10-year-old girl who could interact with the offenders online.

Researchers were able to manipulate the "avatar", which they called Sweetie, to make it look like she was really talking to the offenders on a webcam.

All of the 1,000, once they got talking to Sweetie, asked the fake girl to commit sex acts in exchange for payment.

Terre Des Hommes was able to identify the offenders by getting Sweetie to ask them for their credit card details.

The names were then cross-referenced against the pictures that had been taken of them on webcam and the offenders' profiles on social media."

"The identities of the 1,000 men, including the Brits, have been passed on to Interpol so they can be given to law enforcement organisations in their respective countries."

Dutch children's rights group warns of explosion in 'webcam child sex tourism'

Kiwis among online predators identified in sting

'Virtual' 10-year-old snares 1,000 webcam sex tourists

Three Irish men identified in online sex abuse inquiry

Dozens of Canadians willing to pay for web sex with 'virtual' 10-year-old girl

Child sex webcam sting nets 54 Canadians

Anti-Abuse Crusaders Create Virtual Lolita to Trap Kiddie Porn Pervs

Une fillette virtuelle pour piéger les prédateurs

Dutch group calls for crackdown on child webcam sex

Shocking Ad Reveals Realities Of Child Webcam Sex

The ten-year-old girl called 'Sweetie' [sic] who has caught more than a THOUSAND predators [sic]: How a computer generated child [sic] snared pedophiles [sic] across the world

Britons among 1,000 snared in webcam child sex sting

Avatar 'Sweetie', aged 10, attracts 1,000 sex tourists

Virtual child traps online pedophiles

Hundreds of paedophiles snared after 'virtual' 10-year-old girl used to lure them online

Virtual girl 'Sweetie' snares 1000 paedophiles trying to engage her online sex

The image may be virtual but the demand is real!

Computer Animation Snares 1000 Sex Predators

Seventh man held in child porn bust

Author of the ‘Sweetie’ online sting: 'the internet should be free, but not lawless’


Terre des Hommes

Published on Nov 4, 2013

Stop webcam child sex tourism! [sic]



Paedophile’s dream, child’s nightmare

Terre des hommes

A 60-page report

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... and what is all this scaremongering, bullshit (albeit, novel), about, really? 

What it is always about ...

6.00 am, 5/11/13

Always the same motives, sometimes a different name.


Published March 05, 2008

British Teacher Faces Jail Time for Defamation After Exposing Pedophilia at Ethiopian Orphanage

"Gary Campbell issued a public apology for the comments last month, then said he did so only because nobody would be able to care for the couple's children if they both went to jail."

Last Updated: Friday, 7 March 2008, 09:14 GMT

UK teacher escapes Ethiopia jail

7th March 2008, 19:20

British teacher Jill Campbell avoids Ethiopian jail

Posted 04/10/08

Remembering Jill Campbell, a Brave Woman (Teacher)


Jill and Gary Campbell address reporters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 7 Mar 2008

Saturday 18 August 2001 01.18 BST

Ethiopia arrests deported British paedophile

"Last night Colin Tucker, spokesman for Terre des Hommes in Ethiopia, said: "We are the first to admit that we didn't deal with Christie very well when he was here. I have spent the last 18 months making sure he would no longer be a threat to children."

Thursday 22 July 1999 03.15 BST

Charity's haven for famine children destroyed by paedophile scourge

"An internal document written by Christie's replacement and obtained by the Guardian says Christie "confessed to sexual abuse" and he "admitted to having a single improper sexual relationship with a project beneficiary". Christie was dismissed and the details of the incident were passed on to the paedophile unit at Scotland Yard.

However, Tdh decided not to tell the Ethiopian authorities. Nor did it tell the children or the Ethiopian workers in the village. Instead it said Christie had left for "budgetary reasons".


Oh yes, we will be watching you. 


Tuesday 5 November 2013

Paedophile hunting [sic] and ‘Sweetie’: the case for luring potential criminals?

"We need to think harder about how we target perpetrators

The very mention of the word paedophile serves as a warrant for the expression of moral outrage in the most twisted and unrestrained form.

It incites neighbours to turn into a lynch mob that feels empowered to mete out the most barbaric forms of punishment. Last week we heard of the brutal murder of a totally innocent man by members of his community. Bijan Ebrahimi was not merely killed, but in a gesture reminiscent of medieval witch-hunts, his body was burned. Now we hear that a Dutch Charity, Terre des Hommes, has created a computer generated image of a 10 year old girl called Sweetie, as bait to encourage paedophiles to get visit a her ‘chatroom’.

I take a look at the picture of this allegedly 10 year-old Filipina girl and I ask myself ‘who is more sick, the promoters of this initiative or the men they stimulate to enter their fantasy world’? I ask myself, ‘what possesses them to look at the world from the perspective of a child predator’? Others praise this form of vigilante action as a form of heroic behaviour. One journalist praised them on the grounds that ‘more than 20,000 perverts were lured out when an anti-abuse group created a computer-generated ten-year-old Filipina girl called Sweetie to visit chatrooms’."

"Internet sting operations such as this are likely to court injustices that can lead to tragedies. Recently a man committed suicide after a British based group of vigilantes accused him of being a paedophile and grooming a child on the internet. The online group Letzgo Hunting believes that it is providing a public service. Tragically what it does is to feed its own moral confusions."

NETHERLANDS - Virtual child (en)traps online "pedophiles"

Sweetie and Terre des Hommes: Is paedophile sting a new form of vigilantism?

"Prof Wilson said the work down by Terre des Hommes illustrated how police forces are still trying to catch up to offenders. ‘They need to realise that they should be doing some of this stuff themselves,’ he said.

Although he praised the work being done by CEOP, he said it was time for Europol to take more of a lead on the issue of online exploitation of children.

He maintained that any evidence gathered in the Dutch charity’s investigation would not hold up in court, as the alleged perpetrator has been entrapped. Another issue is that Sweetie is not a real child.

‘This is vigilantism,’ he said. ‘With all kinds of vigilante activity, you can have a very quick success in drawing attention to a problem area, but that vigilante attention doesn’t bring with it in its wake arrests and charges and convictions. You’ve drawn attention to a problem but potentially done nothing to resolve the problem.’"

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3:38PM BST 21 Oct 2014

Why 'Sweetie', the fake 10-year-old girl, is the perfect trap [entrap] to catch a paedophile [sic]

"In the age of the internet, groomers don’t even need to leave the house to sexually harm children [sic].

A computer-generated 10-year-old Filippino girl called Sweetie that helped identifying over 1,000 paedophiles [sic] around the world."

Posted: Updated:
Australian Convincted [sic] For Web Sex With Fake 'Sweetie' CGI Child

"An Australian man has been convicted of sex offences after an undercover operation in which charity workers used a CGI 'child' to identify online predators.

SRH, a registered sex offender, pled guilty to three charges after he was caught asking the computer-generated image, which he thought was a nine-year-old Filipina girl, to perform sex acts for money."

21 October 2014 Last updated at 04:29

Webcam sex with fake girl Sweetie leads to sentence

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Sweetie, the fake 10-year-old girl designed to catch online predators, claims her first scalp


Thursday 23 October 2014 05.56 BST

Civil liberties advocate opposes use of online avatars to catch sex offenders

"Terry O’Gorman speaks out after conviction of Brisbane man over interactions with a computer-generated image of Sweetie."


11:12AM GMT 06 Nov 2013

Who was Sweetie, the girl who trapped 1,000 paedophiles [sic]?

"The details of 1,000 alleged sex offenders have been handed over to Interpol, all thanks to a 10-year-old Filipina girl named Sweetie. But Sweetie doesn't exist, discovers Rhiannon Williams.

A computer-generated 10-year-old Filippino girl called Sweetie that helped identifying over 1,000 paedophiles [sic] around the worl."

4:33PM GMT 12 Nov 2014

Why people take the law into their own hands online

"Digital Neighbourhood Watch is a good thing. Online vigilantism is quite another."

6:20AM GMT 13 Nov 2014

How far should we go to stop online paedophiles [sic]?

"This week a man was convicted of 'grooming’ young girls, after being trapped by internet vigilantes. These digital sleuths get results – but there are dangers.

This hand out picture released by Terre des Hommes Netherlands, a Dutch rights group, on November 4, 2013 shows a computer-generated 10-year-old Filippino girl called Sweetie that helped identifying over 1,000 paedophiles [sic] around the world.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands has now handed over to police the identities of over 1,000 adults who were willing to pay children in developing countries for online sex, it said."

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