Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ladies And Gentleman, Please Meet Ms Eve Thomas (Part 1)


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Ms Thomas is devious (self-admittedly) ... a very skilled, disinformationist, Twitter feed-cropper - sits there all day, doing it. 

We have all archived, if needs be.

Legal issues, here.


Eve Thomas

Fifty Shades Of Abuse/Choices-The Darker Years/The Eyes

One Voice Campaign 


White Knight ..

Henry O'Carroll: @OCarroll54

Legal Buddy ...

David Malone: @ukbarrister


Addendum (14:48)

In these Tweets, Ms Thomas not only falsely-accuses Dr Oldfield (i.e. "the acct holder') of being a "child abuser" and "dangerous predator", but, also lies, in stating that "he freely admits it" ...

Here, she, incorrectly, alludes to Dr Oldfield, being a "Paedophile" ...

 Then, claiming it is all the 'truth' ...

Here, Ms Thomas shares her belief, in the public domain, that Dr Oldfield has "significant MH problems" and that he is "very dangerous" ...


Addendum (28/11/13; 7:48 am)

We already know, that Parka Boy, sees threats and harassments that are not there ;) (10:06 am) 

More White Knights, little to see, here.


Addendum (21/12/13; 7:58 pm)

The rapidly disappearing, then reappearing, comments ...

Jun 20, 2013 08:14 
Nigella Lawson photos: Battered wife's open letter to TV chef after shock pictures


You make us want to puke, The Mirror.


More to follow.

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  1. Eve thomas is soon to be found out for the liar and fraudster she is