Friday, 29 November 2013

Mark Williams-Thomas; Inside The Mind Of An ITV-Assisted, Scaremongering, Disinforming, Profiteer


13:13 - 28 Nov 2013

Inside the mind of a paedophile [not]

"Following the guilty plea of IW, 36, who admitted to 13 offences [not actual acts] including two counts of attempted rape and sexual assault by touching Woman A's baby, and aiding and abetting Woman B to sexually abuse her own child, forensic psychologist Keri Nixon and criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas take us inside the mind of a paedophile [sic]."


Poor Holly, sheds tears about something that did not happen ... 

28 November 2013

Emotional This Morning host Holly Willoughby fights to hold back tears during segment on IW

"TV presenter looked visibly shaken and teary as she and Philip Schofield were discussing the Lostprophets singer on the show"

Nice work Mark - all money in the bank ...


Dr Keri Nixon, Forensic Psychologist!contact-dr-nixon-for


... and, of course, Mark W-T at his very best/worse ...


1 Dec 2013 06:37

'IW and his co-defendants are on a par with Fred and Rose West' says top [sic] criminologist [not]

"Frederick Walter Stephen West (29 September 1941[1] – 1 January 1995) was a serial killer in England. Between 1967 and 1987, West – alone and later with his second wife, serial killer Rosemary West – tortured and raped numerous young women and girls, murdering at least 11 of them, including their own family members. The crimes often occurred in the couple's homes in the city of Gloucester, at 25 Midland Road and later 25 Cromwell Street, with many bodies buried at or near these homes.

Fred killed at least two people before collaborating with Rose, while Rose murdered Fred's stepdaughter (his first wife's biological daughter) when he was in prison for theft. The majority of the murders occurred between May 1973 and August 1979, in their home at 25 Cromwell Street.

The pair were finally apprehended and charged in 1994. Fred West committed suicide before going to trial, while Rose West was jailed for life, in November 1995, after having been found guilty on 10 counts of murder. Their house at Cromwell Street was demolished in 1996 and the space converted into a landscaped footpath, connecting Cromwell Street to St. Michael's Square."

The Crimes

Fred West biography


Addendum (1/12/13; 15:24)

Dr Keri gets cold feet, due to the constant osmosis of bullshit ...

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However, we were happy to take this, from Dr Keri, before she buckled, to the lies and emotional blackmail ... here you go, hon ...

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