Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Did You Really Have This In Mind, When You Made Your Silly Laws?

August 20, 2013

Everyone who shared the #Slanegirl photos got doxed

"The backlash over a round of Twitter slut-shaming has led to nearly two dozen suspended accounts as users flock to support an Irish teen known as #Slanegirl.

Over the weekend, Irish Twitter users were quick to throw the wolves of the Internet at a girl who was photographed multiple times engaging in public sexual activity at an Eminem concert at Slane Castle, near Dublin. The girl's identity was leaked and her image turned into a meme as #Slanegirl went viral.

Now, the Independent reports that the girl has been hospitalized and sedated. She’d had a rough weekend: According to the police, the girl reported having been sexually assaulted at a different outdoor event on the same night—before her photos went viral.

On the Web, the tone seems to have shifted rapidly. What started as a litany of mockery turned into outrage that the girl's photos—which technically constitutes child pornography; she's still a minor under Irish law—were ever leaked to begin with.

The doxers have become the doxed. A source sent the Daily Dot email proof that roughly 125 accounts were forwarded to Twitter. That number includes those who first tweeted the #Slanegirl images, plus about 100 more who retweeted."


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