Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ladies And Gentlemen - Please Meet, Mr Mic Wright (Part 2)

Sorrowing, Old, Man


Part 1, here.


Addendum (10/8/13)

Mic, on depression ...

Taking pills for unhappiness reinforces the idea that being sad is not human


Careless? Mischaracterising? Sufferers? Carers? 

Now, Mic, substitute 'depression', with 'paedophilia' - and you will be well on the road to understanding and redemption. 


Mic is still on the warpath ...

Really, Mic - where is there any threat? - not that we would not make one, if needs be. Threats are not illegal, per se.

Mic is not reading the posts, he tells us

Mic, are you now an expert on international copyright law and fair use? Do what you must, if you believe you have a case.

"Be careful what you wish for ..."

Please excuse us, whilst we have a little giggle, Mic ... "Not seeking to silence him".

This is from you, the Twitter blocker, the reporter to the authorities, the one who will not read our posts, the one who depends on anonymous and flawed information, etc etc

You well know, that Dr Oldfield is happy, to debate any of the issues, which concern him, anytime, anywhere, within reason, with anyone - all that he asks, is that any expenses, which may be incurred, are covered. 

If you have any relevant topic(s), that you would like to debate, with him, name the medium/location/time and the topic(s).

You will find his email, in the links to the right, or email, through us.

We await your contact. 


Addendum (15/8/13)

Mic is still on the warpath (respondent comments are not posted) ...

Why do you want them gone?

You going to get 'shut down', Mic?


Write away, Mic - please - it is gold, to us !!!

Mic, we do not care, if you manage to take content down, or not (bear in mind, DCMA counter-notices and fair use). Heck, we do not really care, if the whole blog goes down, 'tis all archived - another will surface, stronger and more determined, and with the extra dimension of confirming you to be what you really are - which is, of course, our primary task ;)

Of course, you could just ask us, to remove some content, stating why ... we may choose to do so ... we may not ... we may start to create full blogs, just about you ... time-and-time again !!!

We look forward to further developments.

 Addendum (22/8/13) 

Mic is still plugging away (and lying, with it) ...


Now drawing upon the authoritative (i.e. lying) voice of The Daily Mirror ;) 


31 Aug 2005 00:00


Knowledgeable readers may assess the likely veracity of much of this work of art :) 

Don't mess with a Mastermind !!! 

Keep poking the fire, Mic, we will keep adding the fuel.

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