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This Should Not Exclude Them From The Same Critical Analysis

Posted on August 3, 2013

“Sun Justice” and Crime Propaganda

"The Sun recently unveiled their new crime-fighting team - Dr Sara Payne and Shy Keenan – as the nation’s salvation when it comes to issues of criminal justice and victimisation.

Dr Payne, now with a high-ranking prefix to her name as though to present an image of authority, has recently gone on record as suggesting that the Press is a shining ‘bastion of hope’, citing the example of the News of the World’s shameful ‘Name and Shame’ campaign of outing convicted child sex offenders in 2000, leading to a formal campaign (which was ultimately successful) to introduce Sarah’s Law [sic] – a community notification scheme whereby parents can access information about convicted sex offenders living in their areas.

Payne stresses how this cause was close to her heart following the murder of her daughter, Sarah, by a previously convicted sex offender, Roy Whiting, but doesn’t address that the new legislation wouldn’t have prevented this tragic event, given that Whiting lived some distance away from the Payne’s family home.

Shy Keenan is a public face in the field of child protection, having been the victim of sexual abuse throughout her childhood. This puts her in a unique position as a very high profile voice for victims groups.

Whilst I sympathise with both of these women for the horrific events that they have experienced over the years, this should not exclude them from the same critical analysis that would befall any columnist working in the mainstream popular press, so here goes…"

Counterblast: Punitive Payne, Justice Campaigns, and Popular Punitivism – Where Next for ‘Public Criminology'?



Esther Rantzen on ITV This Morning on Shy Keenan - 2012

Why, Ms Keenan, why? 

Addendum (13/8/13)

Yes, this is of interest - Thank you.

Shy Keenan on Esther Rantzen/Savile - 2012

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