Thursday, 22 August 2013

'Ethics Training' In The Land Of The Free

11:28 AM 08/07/2013

Sick teachers [?] beg judge for leniency for pedophile [sic] colleague

"Residents in a speck of a rural farm town in northern Michigan want to recall a school board member and fire several teachers who showed support for a local middle school teacher convicted of having sexual relations with an eighth-grade student.

The teacher, NE, had been a science and computer-education teacher at Rose City Middle School. He was convicted of having sex with an eighth-grade student on multiple occasions, reports The Detroit News.

The criminal case against E began when a seven-year-old photograph of a 14-year-old boy was sent anonymously to the school board and superintendent. Details about what exactly was in the image are scant, but police concluded that the boy had sent it to E in 2006."

Wed, Aug 21st, 2013

Michigan school board stands behind teachers who supported pedophile [sic] teacher, now victim’s family attacked

"The West Branch-Rose City Area School Board has made a decision to not fire the teachers who stood alongside convicted pedophile [sic], their co-worker who molested an eighth grader."

Updated Aug. 20 at 9:51 a.m. 

WB-RC chooses not to fire teachers who wrote leniency letters for E

"Entire staff will receive ethics training, district will attempt to accommodate parents who don’t want their children in teachers’ classes.",97759?

Mich. School Votes to Keep Teachers Who Defended Colleague That Molested 8th Grader

"“When your town votes to stand with a pedophile, your town has lost its soul,” he said."

Updated Aug. 20 at 2:55 p.m

Recall language again filed against Eagan,97761?

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