Wednesday, 7 August 2013

We Could Say More - We May Do, But, For Now ...

Wednesday 7 August 2013

'Predatory' was a slip of the tongue, but we can't ignore the assertive behaviour of some victims 
(Original title - Yes, child abuse victims can be 'predatory')

"If you accuse a person of a criminal offence, which could result in his imprisonment, you should expect to come to court and be questioned about your account, in public."

"There is now such hysteria about sex crime that a grown-up debate about the difficult issues raised by recent court cases is well nigh impossible. The victim lobby, represented by various advocacy and campaigning groups, some with vast PR budgets, aggressively challenges any point of view, which does not accord with its own. This has damaging consequences for liberty and the rule of law."

Can a child sex abuse victim be called 'predatory'? - video
Barbara Hewson Defends Barrister's 'Predatory' Comments, Saying 'It Takes Two To Tango'

Barbara Hewson on 'predatory' 13-year-olds!topic/

If Robert Colover made a mistake it does not make him a scumbag

August 8, 2013

Predatory Predications

"The keening and wailing from the feministas yesterday after prosecutor Robert Colover performed his duty as an official of the court and disclosed evidence which 'suggests an explanation or partial explanation of the accused's actions' was ear deafening.

Initially, the commentators were baying for the head of Judge Nigel Peters, The Sun describing the expected 'fury' - for their readers did not know of the incident before The Sun published its story; children's charities were quick to pile in behind - Paul Jackson, a junior numpty for the NSPCC described the disclosure as a 'perversion of justice'."

August 8, 2013

Teenagers who aggressively seek sex are always rape victims

"No matter how actively a minor desires a sexual relationship, s/he is always a victim of *statutory *rape". This feminist language abuse must never be challenged, or else.

A legal professional who uses any common sense faces serious problems. We are surprised that these cases have even happened and are worried about the backlash."

It's anything but "inappropriate" to point out a girl's sexual experience and predatory nature

Abused girls can be to blame, suggests Eddy Shah

Paedophile [sic] whose victim was described as predatory has sentence increased

Judge who called sex abuse victim, 13, 'predatory' gives paedophile [sic] longer sentence

Predatory Children


Child sex abuse trials to be assigned special judges to help witnesses

Judges to be specially selected for trials involving vulnerable child witnesses

Complex sex abuse cases to be heard by select judges

Judge rejects sex abuse courts plan



We find the timing, of these two events, quite interesting.


11:51AM BST 08 Oct 2013

Paedophile [sic] whose victim described as 'predatory' jailed

"A paedophile [sic] who walked free from court after his 13-year-old victim was described as "predatory" has been jailed for two years after the Court of Appeal ruled the original sentence was "unduly lenient"."


8th October 2013

Full NSPCC media statement on the jail sentence given to convicted sex offender NW:

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