Sunday, 18 August 2013

Oh Richard, At Least Play 'Fair'

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Unduly Lenient Sentences, Appeals, and Failures That Seem To Make No Sense [sic].

"Back in 2010, MT was found guilty of molesting a toddler and a schoolgirl, as well as amassing a library of 766 Indecent Images of Children, some being video clips.

At the time, the Judge sentenced him to a three year Supervision Order, a Youth Offending Programme and a residency and Sexual Offenses [sic] Prevention Order.

Basically he walked out of court, a free man.


Hardly. Interesting content, though. Thank you.


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Indecent Images of Children & the Unduly Lenient Sentencing Scheme - A Reply

"You have also asked about the unduly lenient sentencing scheme and why it applies only to certain offences. The scheme, whereby the Law Officers may refer sentences to the Court of Appeal to consider whether they are unduly lenient, is confined to those offences that are so serious that they must be tried at the Crown Court (‘indictable-only’ offences, such as rape or robbery), and to certain ‘either-way’ offences which, although they may be tried in the Crown Court or a magistrates’ court, are capable of being serious enough to justify a high maximum penalty."

Each image is a separate charge, Richard, but, sentencing is concurrent. 

The  reason it remains summary, initially, is for low level/low number IIOC - again, Thank you. 


Monday, 30 September 2013

IIOC vs ULS vs Indictable Offenses - An Open Question

"Tough justice for those who watch child porn [watching is not illegal]: Grayling announces perverts will no longer escape with 'slap on the wrist' in crackdown on soft punishments

A quick update on my post from a couple of days ago.

Following the above article published yesterday, the below has been sent, with the question asked if the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling and Police Minister Damian Green would be happy for me to publish their responses here.

awaiting their replies with interest ..."

Yes, Richard, in the present climate, you may be onto a populist winner, here.

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