Thursday, 22 August 2013

Has The Country Gone Stark Staring Mad? - Savile and the Zombie Factoids

August 22, 2013

Savile and the Zombie Factoids – West Yorkshire Police Report

"Another day, another expensive inquiry into the ubiquitous ‘Savile allegations’. Operation Newgreen, the ‘Oh my God, someone’s making allegations that West Yorkshire Police were complicit in concealing Savile’s ‘offending’ – we’d better hold an Inquiry’ knicker waving exercise that has been convulsing West Yorkshire Police.

The Police, nationally, are well aware that, if you broadcast a programme on national television, followed by nationwide newspaper coverage, that ‘x’ - now deceased – is a paedophile [sic] and that lawyers are lining up to formulate civil claims against their estate, you will awaken long buried memories in people of once meeting that individual, and that the knowledge that other people are making compensation claims means they will no longer be ‘alone’. If you add in the fact that anyone making such claims ‘will be believed’, then you can be assured that the phone lines will be busy. Thus it was that ‘within 24 hours’ of an obscure made-for-TV ‘fictumentary’ being aired – West Yorkshire police had agreed a budget, committed specially trained personnel, and were ready and waiting for the onslaught of ‘victims’ requiring support and advice.

The report doesn’t actually investigate any of the ‘Allegator victims’© raised from their torpor to snap at Savile’s heels – or rather his multi-million pound estate. Not investigating victim’s accounts is now ‘national policy’."


BBC 'to hand 120 Jimmy Savile victims £33,000 compensation' (still less than managers 'golden goodbyes' when they were forced out over the scandal)

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