Sunday, 25 August 2013

Overreact To It

Week Ending August 23rd, 2013

Sex With Students & The Age Of Consent

"A young female teacher could face 13 years in prison for allegedly seducing 17 year-old boys, none of whom were her students. the same class of crime as a 60 year-old man who rapes a 5 year-old. Should laws on the age of consent be so black & white?

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Josh Zepps


Dr. Fred Berlin (Baltimore, MD) Director of the Sexual Behavior Consultation Unit at Johns Hopkins

James Cantor @jamescantorphd (Toronto, Canada) Associate Professor at the University of Toronto; Editor-In-Chief of The Journal of Sexual Abuse

Dr. Kathy Seifert @drkathy2 (Salisbury, MD) CEO of Eastern Shore Psychological Services; Developmental Psychologist

Roger Canaff @rogercanaff (East Hampton, NY) Child Protection and Special Victims Advocate; Former Special Victims Prosecutor"


On Adolescent Sexual Exploitation: Room for Nuance, Not for Compromise

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