Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ah Well, Better Than Some Things

Sunday, October 07, 2012

No name and shame for sex offenders

"New regulation proposes confidentiality

UNDER the Sexual Offences (Registration of Sex Offenders) Regulations (2012) proposals, tabled in the Senate on Friday, all information on sex offenders will be kept secret and confidential.

However, there will be restricted access for select groups of persons, including the police, employers, employees and relatives, based on a three-tier information system.

The proposed regulations state that tier one information — the highestlevel — can only be accessed by the police, professional counsellors, prospective employers, managers of educational and health institutions at which the person might become a student or patient, a parent, guardian, caregiver, nearest relative, or someone in association with the offender.

However, in considering whether one has legitimate interest in tier one information, the registrar will have to consider whether there is reasonable cause for disclosure." disclosure."

Gov’t, Opposition back legislation for sex offenders’ registry disclosure."

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