Saturday, 20 October 2012

The OSC's Ongoing Awards, For Most Disgusting 'Journalist' - Frances Hardy

As is to be expected, we are following the story of Jimmy Savile et al, closely.

We have read many scurrilous, doubtful, biased, pathetic (hell, the list just goes on-and-on) scribblings, but, most offerings are tempered with words, such as, 'suspected', or, 'alleged', or, 'possible', or, 'accused'; we know that most of the media are heartless, insensitive, money-grabbing whores, but, these caveats make the reports a little more palatable.

However, some 'journalists' are so offensive, disgusting, biased and unprofessional, that they are worthy of the most severe of Leveson Banishments, which could be created (and worse), even in comparison to many of their troglodyte peers.

They are so unworthy of their positions (backed by their editors, of course), that they are the very people who jeopardise freedom of the press etc, in this country, thus, jeopardise all free speech.

This month's award, goes to Frances Hardy, of the Daily Mail (little surprise, there), for this outrageous piece ...

PUBLISHED: 00:45, 20 October 2012 | UPDATED: 00:59, 20 October 2012

How Savile even abused his own sister's grandchild: His great niece reveals the scandal's most sickening twist yet - and how he bribed his sister to cover it up

"The nightmares have stopped now, but Caroline Robinson’s girlhood was plagued by them. She remembers the disparate images that came to her as she slept: herself as a child in her best chequered, pinafore dress sitting on her great uncle’s lap; the sour reek of stale cigar smoke on his breath; her grandmother’s quiet collusion and her own impotent, silent terror"

For the record, this is Frances Hardy ...

I'll make you yummy, Mummy! Frances ditches £1,000-a-year hair care regime for her scissor-wielding daughter

Frances Hardy 

Frances Hardy

Frances Hardy

Congratulations, Frances, we will be watching you with careful interest.


'I was abused by my uncle, Jimmy Savile'

'If we blabbed on Jimmy, the family would have been left with nothing': Savile's abused great niece tells how paedophile DJ bought his relatives' silence

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