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October 28, 2012

After Savile, every British man should worry about his past

"The Pandora’s Box of Historic Sexual Abuse Cases

As the Jimmy Savile affair rumbles on, the question of whether so called “historic” offences should be subject to some form of Statute of Limitation has again been raised, not just because police, the CPS, courts and politicians seem to be applying today’s modern thinking to life as it was 40 years ago but also because the authorities are successfully bringing prosecutions that were not pursued at the time based on little or no evidence.

This week saw another “historic” case end with the jailing for 11 years of a 78 year old man for sex offences alleged to have taken place some 63 years ago from 1949-1973; the longest delay ever in bringing charges before a British court. should point out that the recent sudden surge of accusers from the past is no accident either. The police and the CPS are openly inviting anyone who “thinks they may have been abused, no matter how long ago” to come forward and make a complaint, regardless of whether or not there is any evidence.

In other words, police are using the high profile Savile case in order to “trawl” for cases that they know full well will end in easy convictions."
Jimmy Savile: how the police investigation grew

April 8, 2013

The Great British Whine Industry
"I see yesterday that Scotland Yard commander Peter Spindler has jumped ship from the appalling Yewtree ‘investigation that never was’. ‘Spindler’s List’ of 12 arrests, one charge so far, has become an embarrassment to the nation.

The police involvement in the whine-managers dark arts will take a long time to live down. The justice system is damaged, perhaps irreparably.

The spirit of Torquemada lives on, where debate is driven by prejudice and supposition, by fear not fact; the media preferring to give air time to the unhinged armchair moralists screeching ‘cover-up’ whenever their chosen celebrity unaccountably fails to make the ‘arrested’ list than to the likes of Karren Brady.

All I can say is God bless Karren Brady for convincing me that the entire septic isle hasn’t gone stark raving bonkers."

6 Apr 2013 21:00

Police chief Peter Spindler quits Operation Yewtree celebrity sex abuse inquiry for watchdog role

"The Scotland Yard commander had overseen a string of high-profile arrests, including Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson, and Max Clifford.

Scotland Yard commander Peter Spindler has dramatically quit in the middle of the high-profile investigation into Jimmy Savile and other celebrities, the Sunday People reports.

The decision has surprised insiders who expected Spindler to see Operation Yewtree through to the finish.

He had overseen a string of high-profile arrests, including Freddie Starr, 70, Jim Davidson, 59, and Max Clifford, 70.

But last week Spindler began a two-year secondment to the police watchdog Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, the investigative website Exaro and the Sunday People have learned."

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