Friday, 5 October 2012

That Is What Makes Us All Normal

December 22, 2011

Dear Deep-thinking Hebephile,

"Whenever society screams about some demon or another, it’s probably just caught an especially alarming sight of itself in the mirror. Given the historical flux in age-of-consent laws, there are few among us who aren’t the direct descendents of those who’d be incarcerated as sex offenders today.

Yet it’s also by no means clear that the majority of men are hebephiles, who, like you, exhibit a primary sexual attraction to pubescent-aged youth. Although a representative sample of the general population hasn’t been assessed to determine the relative distribution of “erotic age orientations,” large clinical samples reveal that most adult males are either “ephebophiles” (most intensely attracted to older adolescents) or “teleiophiles” (aroused mostly by fully mature adults). That’s not to say that the majority of men wouldn’t exhibit some measurable penile response to sexualized depictions of very young teenagers in these studies (they often do), just that they get more intensely aroused by older targets.

Still, hebephilia certainly isn’t rare, either, and as I’ve argued previously, there’s some reason to believe that a hebephilic orientation would have been biologically adaptive in the ancestral past (at least at the upper end of this age continuum, since there’s a period of relative infertility for some time after menarche)."

Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2012 - Jesse Bering Interview 'We Are All Sexual Perverts'

Published on Oct 1, 2012 

"Psychologist Jesse Bering researches the outer areas of what constitutes 'normal' sexual behaviour and explains to Thea Dikeos that it's important to discuss the more puzzling aspects of sexuality in order to increase our understanding of humanity and improve society as a whole."

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