Wednesday, 24 October 2012

You Want Us To Believe You And Your Pile Of Crap, Raj?

Posted: 23/10/2012 15:57

Dr Raj Persaud and Dr Peter Bruggen [Ex-Tavistock]

Why Would A Sex Offender Do A Lot of Charity Work?

"What motivates a sex offender to do charity work is an important question; various agencies involved will be reeling from the continuing spate of allegations [indeed] regarding Jimmy Savile.

It is well known [weasel words] that sex offenders often [sic] target deserving causes, in order to get close to a pool of vulnerable victims [where? show us]. Such predators [sic] appear outwardly altruistic, in order to gain access.

But in the case of recent allegations [indeed] over Jimmy Savile, who it is suggested may have raised around £40 million for charity over a lifetime of apparently 'good works', and who seemed to labour for so many different causes, over decades, this doesn't seem an adequate explanation. It could be charity work acts as a smoke screen which fulfils many other warped objectives as well [where? show us].

In order for aid organizations to screen out and defend against this kind [where? show us] of infiltration [sic], getting inside the mind of the 'tainted altruist', could be vital in order to prevent future scandals.

British psychologists Samantha Craven, Sarah Brown and Elizabeth Gilchrist have recently published an academic paper entitled 'Sexual grooming of children: Review of literature and theoretical considerations', where they point out that the field now regards 'grooming the environment' as a key aspect of sex offender's behaviour. Yet this might be overlooked while charities are being vigilant for grooming of children.

'Grooming the environment' may be a more powerful and damaging strategy, as the recent scandal might be illuminating."

Disgraced Raj Persaud quits as consultant at leading hospital

Media doctor admits to plagiarism

Media doctor guilty of disrepute 



We don't think so.


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