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RIP, Sir Jimmy

1:13am, Mon 1 Oct 2012

Jimmy Savile sex abuse claims

"Jimmy Savile appears to defend convicted paedophile [sic] Gary Glitter

A recording from an interview in 2009 shows Jimmy Savile appearing to defend convicted paedophile [sic] Gary Glitter, real name Paul Gadd.

The seems to show that Savile believed Gadd was more victim than predator [sic].

"Now Gary, all he did was to take his computer into PC World to get it repaired. They went into the hard drive, saw all these dodgy pictures and told the police and the police then, 'Oh we've got a famous person...Oh my goodness, yeah we'll have them.'

But Gary has not sold 'em, has not tried to sell 'em, not tried to show them in public or anything like that. It were for his own gratification.

But they didn't do anything wrong but they are then demonised. And of course, if you ever said to that copper, what's Gary Glitter done wrong? Well nothing really."

Jimmy Savile"


Wednesday 3 October 2012

The savaging of Jimmy Savile

"The only beneficiary of the accusations against Savile is the suspicion-spreading child-protection industry.

"No one ever thought that TV and radio superstar Jimmy Savile, who died in November last year, was your run-of-the-mill, ordinary type of bloke. For a start, he looked ridiculous. He insisted on wearing shiny tracksuits at all times, he sported a sheet of platinum hair, wore rose-tinted sunglasses, and was afflicted with an excess of jingy-jangly jewelry. And it wasn’t just his appearance that set him apart. He had standout verbal tics, too, be it his proclivity for yodelling or his fondess for repeating nonsense phrases. He was never less than eccentric.

Yet throughout his career, which encompassed a 20-year stint regularly presenting UK chart show Top of the Pops and the iconic kids programme Jim’ll Fix It, Savile’s weirdness was accepted. It was part of his charm, his appeal. Over the past few years, however, that strangeness has lost its lustre. It has transmuted into something sinister. His eccentricity, his weirdness has become nothing less than a sign of Savile’s malevolence, an index of the extent to which we ought to believe him to have been a child abuser."


Jimmy Savile statue removed from Glasgow children’s swimming pool


Savile memorial plaque vandalised


Sir Jimmy ceremony axed over sex claims


Savile sex scandal may hit Highland care plan


Jimmy Savile charitable trusts to drop his name and give money to abuse victims


Charities consider name change after Jimmy Savile sex claims


Jimmy Savile: TV star's £4k headstone removed in the wake of sex abuse claims

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Paedophile hunter says Jimmy Savile’s support for Gary Glitter points to his guilt

"The Northern Ireland police officer [sic, not he is not] who led a UK agency which targeted online paedophilia [sic] has claimed an interview Jimmy Savile gave defending Gary Glitter potentially points [ah, PP, like 'Potential Paedophile', eh Jim?] to his guilt over sex abuse allegations.

Former [yup :)] Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) boss Jim Gamble (right) said Savile’s attitude was similar to other sex offenders in the way he “minimised” and “self-justified” Glitter’s abuse of young children.

At the time Savile said that Glitter was targeted because of his wealth and that he was only viewing some “dodgy” videos in the privacy of his own home."


Sir Jimmy Savile is stripped of his honorary doctorate 


Jimmy Savile removed from Great North Run history

Monday 15 October 2012 

Savile: the mad hunt for a ‘conspiracy of witches’ 

"With its contagion of accusation and counter-accusation, the Savile scandal has exposed the Salem-style irrationalism of the modern elite.

With each passing day – hour, in fact – the Jimmy Savile scandal looks more and more like a modern-day version of the hysteria that gripped seventeenth-century Salem, when a small town in Massachusetts became convinced that it had witches in its midst. Since the first accusations of child abuse were made against the late BBC entertainer in an ITV documentary on 3 October, Britain’s chattering classes have become consumed by a witch-hunting mentality, with almost every respectable institution, from the BBC to the NHS to the child-protection industry, finding itself dragged into a vortex of Savile-related suspicion and rumour, accusation and counteraccusation."

Crisis talks on plan for Savile Highland home 


October 15, 2012
Savile affair: Questions over historic abuse, charities and profiteering ‘experts’

"The current madness surrounding the late Jimmy Savile is likely to be very profitable indeed for some involved in the law, child protection and the press; alleged ‘victims’ may also benefit – though one should remember that it is yet to be proved that there are actually any in the first place.

Despite the very real fact that Savile undoubtedly did raise millions for charity, TheOpinionSite.org believes that many greedy, opportunistic people and organisations will be rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of making considerable amounts of money from fees, donations, sales and compensation as they forget the proven good done by the man, preferring instead to focus on the bad things he might have done.

Nothing has been proved; rumour is the only evidence; yet – and this is so British – Jimmy Savile is being systematically erased from history (just as Gary Glitter was and Oscar Wilde before him) in a feeding frenzy of greed, revenge and venting of personal frustration and dissatisfaction."

A Jimmy Savile inquiry? We might as well launch an investigation into the entire 1970s



New Islington exhibition opens defending Jimmy Saville against child abuse allegations 


Esther Rantzen condemns Islington art exhibition claiming Jimmy Savile is innocent


In the wake of the Savile scandal, only the complete abolition of the BBC will do 


Comment: The Jimmy Savile row is being used to bash the BBC


Jimmy Savile Scandal: Charities Founded by Disgraced Children's Presenter Shutdown 


Jimmy Savile charities decide to close following sexual abuse allegations made against him


The Savile inquiries: giving truth a bad name


An educated, erudite lynch mob


An inhumane presumption of guilt

Auntie becomes a dirty uncle 


The Jimmy Savile witch-hunt sets us on a path to paranoia


Jimmy Savile family's 'hurt' over sex abuse claims


 'Enough is enough': Jimmy Savile celebrity witch-hunt is 'getting silly' says Jim Davidson 


Sex shop due to take down 'Savile' brick


'Jimmy Savile Is Innocent' Exhibition Under Fire For Sexualised Picture Of Young Girl


BBC Savile case 'witchhunt' slammed


Broadcaster backs BBC against Jimmy Savile 'witch-hunt'


Jimmy Savile's nephew, 69, who 'hero-worshipped uncle dies of a broken heart' over paedophile scandal


Jimmy Savile Is Innocent Of Sex Abuse Crimes, Says Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe


Ripper: Savile is innocent


Yorkshire Ripper says allegations against Jimmy Savile are ‘rubbish’ 


Jimmy Savile Should be Exhumed and Cremated, says Yorkshire Councillor


Savile's nephew backs calls for his paedophile uncle's body to be exhumed from grave and cremated


BBC Children in Need awards up to £500,000 to ChildLine in response to Savile affair

Cameron warns of child abuse 'witch hunt' 


Burn them! Burn the funny-looking, the strange, the loners! They might be paedos! All of them!


Is Tom Watson in danger of fuelling a new paedophile panic


Schofield’s list, the mob and a very modern moral panic


Child abuse is not a national plague


Steve Messham apologises to Lord McAlpine over child abuse allegations


A victim of his delusions: Astonishing story the BBC DIDN'T tell you about its troubled star witness


David Cameron, Phillip Schofield and mob justice in the age of the internet 


Sunday 11 November 2012 19.30 GMT

Media hysteria creates a new set of victims

"Allegations of child abuse must only be made after rigorous testing of the evidence
During the 1980s and early 90s, cases of alleged "satanic ritual abuse" were reported around the world. "Covens" of abusers allegedly wore black robes and masks as they violated and sometimes killed children. In most instances children had indeed been seriously abused but allegations of satanic rituals were rarely, if ever, substantiated. The fantasy was largely discredited, but allegations of depraved paedophile rings continued to emerge in secularised form.

The late Richard Webster, a writer who dedicated many years to campaigning for "abusers" he believed were wrongly convicted, saw analogies with medieval witch hunts. Genuine witches existed, practising magic and calling on supernatural forces, but they were mostly eccentric individuals, not members of an international conspiracy threatening church and state. Since even real witches were mostly harmless and child abusers anything but, the analogy is not exact. The similarity lies, as Webster put it, in how "our need to rid the world of anyone who might conceivably be a paedophile" has become so urgent "that the requirement for evidence has all but disappeared". That is illustrated by the allegations that followed the Jimmy Savile revelations, which are reported recklessly and uncritically to the point that working in BBC light entertainment at any time in the last 50 years has almost in itself become evidence of guilt, either of abuse or covering it up.


Wales child abuse: Carwyn Jones criticises 'media hysteria'


Andrew Bridgen MP calls on Oxfam, Save the Children and other groups to cut links with Bureau of Investigative Journalism


Sunday 11 November 2012 00:00

Dani Garavelli: Facts lost amid moral panic over child abuse

"So what should we take from this debacle? I hope it leads to recognition that, although alleged victims of child abuse should always be listened to, their testimony should be tested against established fact; and that there’s a difference between investigative journalism and throwing mud at people in the hope that some of it will stick."


Saturday 10 November 2012 23.29 GMT

Child abuse: let's replace moral panic with mature reform

"If we could have an engaged debate about tackling the problem of child abuse as a whole, about defining it, isolating it, treating it, then there might, perhaps, be some conclusions that help set moral panic in a context where hysteria – and tweeting tirades – no longer rule. But, for the moment, there seems only a crude choice between witch-hunts and no hunts at all; and a moral panic at the BBC helps no one."


Rupert Murdoch Weighs In On BBC Scandal: 'What Are Editors For?'


Rupert Murdoch gleeful at BBC debacle in Britain


The BBC: Is This the Corporation's Hacking Crisis?


November 11, 2012

Cameron frightened of questioning alleged abuse claims

"The police proudly say that Jimmy Savile “is believed” to have abused up to 300 or 400 people, depending on who you listen to.

What that means is that they cannot yet prove that he has actually abused anyone.
If the only evidence is the recollections of ageing minds, that is not enough. Nor is it sufficient evidence to lock up those who are still alive – at least, it shouldn’t be.

The zealots, the police, the CPS and the industry all tell us that if the above measures were introduced, the guilty might go free.

So what? If introducing the suggested changes means that the innocent will not end up in jail and not die there (as they often do), the changes are worth it."


Wednesday November 14,2012

BBC row mustn’t stop praise where it is due

"IF instead of being alive, angry and wealthy enough to sue, Lord McAlpine was dead, then he would now be firmly established in our minds as a paedophile and grieving relatives would have no recourse to justice. It is time to drop the law which says you can libel the dead with impunity and introduce the kind of provisions that prevail in some other countries, whereby relatives can sue for distress caused.

Newsnight ignored the blooming obvious, which is that if an independent inquiry after extensive analysis had decided there was no evidence to connect Lord McAlpine with what went on then there might be grounds for caution.

To be fair that was exactly the same reasoning on which the Jimmy Savile programme was dropped: some of the women complained they had been to police but had received a letter saying the star was too old and frail to be prosecuted but nobody could produce the letter and when a version did come to light it was demonstrably a fake."


PUBLISHED: 11:28, 14 November 2012 | UPDATED: 12:40, 14 November 2012

'I want to end it all. I feel suicidal': Comedian Freddie Starr is banned from being alone with his own children while Savile police probe sex abuse claim

"Warwickshire social services say while he is investigated time with his children must be supervised

Starr is accused of molesting 14-year-old Karin Ward in Jimmy Savile's BBC dressing room

'My life is ruined. I feel so desperate at times I want to go and end it all,' he said"


Hospitals may curb celebrity visits


If only they were all like that nice Mr Savile' - Mary Whitehouse on disgraced paedophile [sic]


Remember the Savile scandal when they try to muzzle the Press [oh, we will]


Bullies [kettle-pot] and the need for a free Press


The Unintended Consequences of the Jimmy Savile Case


The search for paedophiles is more carnival than witch-hunt


Forget Musical Chairs, It’s Musical Paedos!


What is really going on?


Jimmy Savile police investigate sex offence claims against 25 celebrities and expect to arrest six over next few weeks 


Paul Daniels 'Casts Doubt' On Some Of Jimmy Savile's Alleged Victims


Paul Daniels accused of 'trivialising and belittling' Jimmy Savile sex abuse victims




Jimmy Savile Scandal May Not Change Attitudes To Child Abuse, Warns Baroness Butler-Sloss


Jimmy Savile scandal is a 'good wake up call for old-fashioned police' 


Sexualisation of children 'risks softening attitudes towards abuse' 


Hundreds of staff testify to abusive culture at BBC 


Dozens sue BBC over Savile sex abuse scandal 


Jimmy Savile’s victims sue BBC 



Crisis at the BBC: Timeline of events

The Newsnight fiasco that toppled the BBC director general



March 12, 2013

The Merry Knives of Winsor and yet Another Savile Inquiry.

"Ping! went the computer in the middle of the night as a rash of correspondents e-mailed to warn me that yet another Savile report was out. Several pointed to the Guardian headline published a dutiful couple of minutes after the report’s embargo deadline of midnight.

“Police could have stopped Jimmy Savile in the 1960s, says official report”.

Don’t tell me that the Bebe Roberts spurious Daily Mail article had been accepted as fact, surely not! No link to any report of course, they wouldn’t want we plebs actually looking at the source and checking facts would they? It took half an hour or so to track down the report, since it was only available to the public at midnight and Google was a bit slow in finding it. The main stream media get it hours beforehand, so that they have a chance to get their agenda straight. Consequently I haven’t had a lot of much needed beauty sleep…

Once I had the report in my hand, it didn’t take long to track down the offending paragraph, page 7 actually; it is the only part of the report that could possibly be twisted into that categorical statement that ‘Savile could have been stopped’.

"It is impossible to state categorically that a prosecution would have resulted, if all these links (including the MPS intelligence) had been made known, not only to all the investigating teams but also to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)."

OK, the Guardian headline is true only in the sense that if today’s guidelines for informing alleged victims of the presence of other alleged victims had been in place back 50 years ago the CPS might have taken a different view, and might have acted differently, and it might have resulted in Savile being taken to court, and that might have resulted in a successful prosecution? Not that this redefinition stopped a rash of commentators landing on the Guardian web site saying ‘knew it all along, protected by the mighty and the powerful, da dum, da dum’."


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