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Another Bunch Of Inadequate, Cowardly, Lying, Thugs

April 22, 2013

Police fail to apprehend anti-paedophile [sic] vigilantes

"British police are failing to arrest and investigate a so called ‘anti-paedophile’ vigilante group, despite one group spokesman admitting on BBC Radio that his organisation is knowingly acting “outside of the law”.

The group – whose name we will not publish as we do not believe it deserves publicity on TheOpinionSite.org – admits trapping potential online abusers by posing as teenagers. The suspected offender is then encouraged to meet in person, held against their will and ‘questioned’ by the group who, according to its spokesman, is merely seeking an ‘explanation’ for the individual’s behaviour.

The group proudly claims that its actions so far have has caused 5 “sex offenders” to be arrested – though nothing against the individuals has been proven and none have been charged.

The vigilantes also use a quote from Genghis Khan:

“Had you not created great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

One might be tempted to comment that this is not the ‘mission statement’ one would expect from an organisation that proclaims that it is “not our intention to hurt anyone”.

Rather interestingly, the group’s Facebook page also has a link to other child protection websites as well as a link to the neo-Nazi English Defence League.

It would seem that the police – always anxious not to offend the Sun and Daily Mail reading public – are prepared to do nothing rather than face claims that the police are not doing their job properly."


Monday 22 April 2013 17.51 BST

Letzgo Hunting and the dangers of paedophile [sic] vigilantism

"This group has passed details of seven alleged paedophiles to police. But there are better ways of targeting child abuse [sic]"


Vigilante Paedophile [sic] Hunters, Letzgo Hunting, Pose As Underage Girls To Nab Criminals


'Vigilante' parents confront online paedophiles  [sic]


Police warn against 'paedophile hunting'


Leave justice to us, police warn vigilante paedophile [sic] hunters using Facebook to lure suspects before confronting them 


Parents DIY Their Own Pedophile-[sic]Busting Group, Successfully Bust 6 Pedophiles [sic] By Posing As Kids


UK police concerned by anti-paedophile [sic] group 


Paedophile [sic] hunters on the lookout in Hinckley and Bosworth



Letzgo Hunting


letzgo hunting 
https://www.facebook.com/LetzgoHuntingOfficial (21/3/13-)

Jamie Scumm Buster (Scumm Buster) 

https://www.facebook.com/scummatletzgo (9/5/13-)

Psych O Buster 


Sean Facee Buster


Carly Keeboo Buster


Daemon Hunter


Scumm Buster

http://www.facebook.com/Officialscummbuster (9/5/13)

Letzgo Hunting

http://www.facebook.com/letzgo.hunting (23/4/13)

letzgo hunting


Letzgo Hunting




d mills





Adrian Goldberg



Apr 25 2013

Hinckley paedophile [sic] hunter hit by car as he confronts suspect

"A PARENT [?] who runs a paedophile [sic] hunting [!!!???] group says he escaped serious injury when he snared his latest victim after claiming the man hit him with his car as he sped off.

The man, known as Scumm Buster, runs the group called Letzgo Hunting with five other parents.

He says he met up with the man, from the Birmingham area, on Saturday in Hinckley after chatting to him for several weeks posing as a 15-year-old girl.

After the man had been confronted by Scumm Buster he drove off and hit his right leg causing him to have to grab the man’s roof rack to stop him going under his wheels."


Addendum (3/5/13)




PUBLISHED: 23:23, 28 July 2013 | UPDATED: 08:13, 29 July 2013

The vigilante paedophile [sic] hunters: They claim to be good citizens exposing sex predators by posing as underage girls online. Police say they're recklessly jeopardising official investigations. Who's right?

">Vigilante organisation Letzgo Hunting uses internet to hunt paedophiles
>Group was in headlines recently when they handed dossiers to police
>Arrests came after the group told officers of their contact with ten men
>They also handed over videos of some men meeting 'decoy' girl
>Fears they could name innocent man or jeopardise police investigation"


PUBLISHED: 10:01, 22 April 2013 | UPDATED: 11:23, 23 April 2013 

Leave justice to us, police warn vigilante paedophile [sic] hunters using Facebook to lure suspects before confronting them

">'Letzgo Hunting' members pose as underage girls for chats with predators
>They set up meetings, film suspects and hand evidence to police
>Group releases dramatic footage of members confronting 'suspect'
>Police have warned them to leave justice to them"


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