Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Will Black - Moral Panic Shrill

Posted: 02/04/2013 00:00

From Paedo[sic]geddon to #Paedo[sic]britain - It's Not a Joke Anymore

"Each time #Paedo[sic]britain trends on Twitter anyone who has seen Chris Morris's 2001 Brass Eye special, 'Paedo[sic]geddon' must be struck by the resonance.

The Brass Eye special  was at the time condemned by politicians and the media. Tabloids devoted as much space attacking Morris as they might have done if he was accused of paedophilia [sic]. Since then Morris has come to be regarded as one of the finest satirists in the UK.

Brass Eye used a news format, with a Paxmanesque anchor, to mock the tendency of the media to sensationalise issues. In Paedo[sic]geddon, Morris critiqued an apparent tendency of news outlets to spread moral panic about child abuse. Given what we know now about the extent of child abuse in Britain [what do we *know*, Will?], it would appear that Morris was, for once, off target [still bang-on, and more so].

Paedo[sic]britain has been trending not because there is moral panic [no, moral panic, plus profit, now] but because many people are angry [?] that large-scale child abuse has happened [really, where?] - sometimes involving prominent people [people are people] - and there are still questions not being answered [such as?]."


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