Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ms Keenan, We Continue To Support You, In Your Time Of Grief

Shy Keenan


Dr Sara Payne MBE


The Phoenix Post



Excellent news, (not) Dr Payne.

So do we. We should also like to see an official diagnosis, for your sake.

Because Ms Keenan is supposed to have PTSD, Richard.

Ms Keenan, you 'engaged', the very first time you claimed the diagnosis of PTSD.


By stating that you have PTSD, you are participating in, and accepting, the premises and rationalisations of psychiatry.

We believe it is now time, for you to take the services and treatment, offered by the professionals.

You are not well, have a serious mental disorder (you tell us) and accept that you do need help.

You have been exploited, long enough.


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