Monday, 15 April 2013

'More' Victims Rob - Do You Know?

Apr 9, 2013

Child porn arrest spurs outreach to victims

"A meeting for parents of potential abuse victims [sic] was sparsely attended on Monday night, but Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders saw it as a hopeful sign [yeah, right].

“Hopefully, it’s a good sign, meaning we don’t have the large number of children we thought that the suspect had access to [!]. Of course, I don’t know that,” Sanders said [!]. “I certainly believe that there are more children than we saw parents today.” [of course you do, do you? sure?]

The meeting was spurred by the arrest Saturday of TJ, 64, of Independence, on child pornography charges. On Monday, J, a foster parent, pleaded not guilty to five counts of distribution and another count of possession of sexually explicit material.

His arrest came after a month-long investigation by the Kentucky Attorney General’s office after a tip by internet provider AOL, which had flagged suspicious activity on J’s account. During the investigation, detectives had also discovered J was a foster parent and potentially had access to more children at a Boy Scout camp. The foster children have been removed from his home.

Sanders said his office has yet to find evidence of abuse [no shit, Sherlock], but the potential [sic] for more victims [more what?] was the reason for the unusual step of Monday’s meeting.

An official from the Northern Kentucky Children’s Advocacy Center instructed parents how to speak to their children about the case [oh, how nice]."

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