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Here's The Thing - There Are MAAs/MAP/Paedophiles Who Are Gay/Bi/Trans - There Are Gay/Bi/Trans MAAs/MAP/Paedophiles

April 5, 2013, 2:34 PM 11042

Ben Carson Apologizes For Anti-Gay Remarks [sic] After Rebuke From Hopkins Dean

"Dr. Ben Carson receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2008Dr. Ben Carson receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2008

Dr. Ben Carson offered a detailed apology on Friday for making anti-gay [sic] remarks in a Fox News appearance. The statement came just minutes after the Dean of Johns Hopkins University’s medical faculty publicly rebuked him over the incident.

Carson, the longtime director of pediatric neurosurgery at JHU, had previously offered up a “sorry — if you were offended” style non-apology for his interview with Sean Hannity. In that appearance, Carson said that opposite-sex marriage was “a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality — it doesn’t matter what they are. They don’t get to change the definition.” He later went on to blame the resulting controversy in part on “racist” white liberals who wanted to keep him on a “plantation.”

But his new statement to the Hopkins community, obtained by New York Magazine, abandoned the defensive posture in favor of an out-and-out apology."


Truth needs no apology, sir.

The OSC 



Pedophilia accusations haunt Green politician

"Green Party politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit has been accused of pedophilia. In the early years of the party, "free sexuality" with children was discussed - and it now appears the loose morals have come back to haunt them.

Involvement of questionable groups

Jupiter und Ganymed fresco In other eras and societies, sexual activity between adults and youth was considered acceptable.

There were indeed groups, in the formative years of the Green Party, which openly sought to liberalize and decriminalize sex with children. The "Urban Indians" group was one, as was the "Working Group on Gays and Pederasts.""

Greens to investigate old paedophilia claims

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