Saturday, 20 April 2013

Oh, Mainly, Something Else, For Sure

8 hours ago

Op-Ed: Historic alleged sex crimes in the UK, or something else?

"The alleged historic sex crimes currently being "investigated" do not fall into that category, for all manner of reasons. To begin with, the current investigations are not evidence led but trawls; when people are invited to come forward and make allegations against either named individuals or a specific class of person, they have a tendency to do just that, all the more so when they will be guaranteed anonymity, may be rewarded with tea and sympathy, not to mention the prospect of cash payouts further down the line and maybe the chance of selling their stories to a Sunday tabloid for a five figure sum.

With no corroboration required and no sanctions applied for those who simply make things up, some individuals may see this as a win-win situation, they get to drag someone's name through the mud, someone to whom they may have taken a dislike for whatever trivial reason - perhaps failing to reply to a fan letter.

To the above must be added the most dangerous accusers of all, delusional people, largely but not exclusively women. This is one of those taboo subjects, but talk to an experienced detective or a specialist solicitor/barrister off the record and you will be told what only the very brave or the very foolish will admit openly, that for whatever reason, some people fantasise about being sexually attacked, and that with the passage of time these confabulations become real memories."

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