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Nice Work Chris ... Remember When We Told You, It Would End In Tears?

last updated Fri 26 Apr 2013

Suspended sentences for pair who breached Bulger killers' identity ban

"Sir John Thomas sitting at the High Court ruled two men were in breach of the injunction stopping the identification of James Bulger's killers, John Venables and Robert Thompson, and therefore in contempt of court.

Reflecting on the "gravity" of their offence he said they would be given nine months imprisonment but because of mitigating circumstances it would be suspended.

Neil Harkins and Dean Liddle, were accused of breaching the injunction by posting information on Twitter and Facebook.

The High Court was told that Neil Harkins and Dean Liddle both breached an injunction put in place when Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were released from custody in order to protect their new identities.

Both posted pictures which purported to be of the two men as adults, who were convicted as boys of killing the toddler James Bulger, on their Twitter sites, on 14th February, shortly after the 20th anniversary of James Bulger's death.

Lawyers for both men indicated to the court this morning that they accepted they are in contempt of the injunction.

The court has been told by barrister Melanie Cumberland that the Attorney General brought the proceedings because of the strong public interest.

The importance is of protecting not just Venables and Thompson but anyone else who might correctly or incorrectly identified as them.""

Bulger killers' ID ban sentence


I Oppose the CHRIS campaign. For naming Innocent people


Feb 12, 2013

The Story of CHRIS: Critique of A Paedophile Name and Shame Website


The Jimmy Savile scandal has taught us that we cannot always rely on our Government and trusted British institutions to protect our children, but if private individuals are to replace state systems with their own, they need to meet a higher moral and practical standard.

Chris Wittwer does not do this, and if claims about people being out to get his campaign are true, maybe there was a good reason. His website is carelessly outdated potentially giving rise to misdirected vigilantism, it mixes irrelevant crimes with crimes of paedophiles diluting his mission statement, he ruined its credibility by naming and shaming innocent people alongside paedophiles because of ego-based personal grudges, and he’s proven himself to be a mindless thug.

The Government’s Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme will always be open to criticism, but it’s without question more efficient than the shambles that is CHRIS."


Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers

UK database for sex offences against children

Crimes against Kids

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