Thursday, 18 April 2013

Is This News?


Children are safer in the park than their own bedrooms
[sic], says NSPCC

"A landmark report by the NSPCC claims that children are safer from strangers playing out in the street or in the park than in their own bedrooms.

They say we need to change the way we teach children about 'stranger danger' to take into account emerging threats [sic] in today's society from dangers online such as sexting, cyber bullying and meeting people online in chat rooms.

Meanwhile the report, billed as the comprehensive study of risks to children in the UK, also warns only a small a fraction of abuse or neglect in the home is being detected.

The report overall shows a significant long-term decline in violence against children in comparison with previous decades, contrary to public perceptions, but major new threats emerging through the internet.

Child murder, for example, is down by 30 per cent since the early 1980s and serious assault involving children have also declined steadily as have child suicide rates in most of the country.

But with children as young as five spending up to six hours a week on the internet, a quarter of 11 and 12 year-olds now see something which worries them on the internet every day, it warns.

Online threats which our children are facing include cyber bullying and receiving sexually explicit messages, seeing sexually explicit images and meeting strangers on the internet.

Lisa Hawker, author of the report, said: “We are still trying to fully understand the scale of online harm but children are telling us that cyberbullying, sexting and seeing sexual images online are things that many of them are experiencing."

5 Apr 2013 00:00

I caught my 8-year-old sending NAKED pics of herself: A mum's sexting nightmare

"New figures show 15 sex bullies a week are being expelled from school, with one a week from primary school, as more and more children fall victim to the sexting craze."

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