Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sue Berelowitz Does Not Quite Get 'Moral Panic', Does She?

9:00PM BST 03 Apr 2013

Entire school year groups have seen porn, children's watchdog says

"Entire year groups of young teenage children in schools have watched adult pornography, the children’s watchdog has warned.

16,000 at risk of child sex exploitation [sic]

Deputy children's commissioner Sue Berelowitz said that she had found that some boys felt they had an 'absolute entitlement to have sex with girls, any time, any place, any where, with whomsoever they wished' [and, what's new?].

Sue Berelowitz, deputy children's commissioner, suggested that the scale of access to adult pornography among children is now so widespread that it should trigger “moral panic” among parents, schools and the Government about what should be done.

Unpublished research [of course, unpublished and not peer-reviewed] by the Children's Commissioner into access to adult pornography among children is much more widespread than previously thought, with every boy and half the girls in a year group of 14-year-olds accessing pornography in an entire local authority area."

Classes where every 14-year-old boy has seen porn should trigger 'moral panic', warns children's watchdog

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