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Truth Always Outs

Male Age-Discrepant Intergenerational Sexualities and Relationships


The primary focus of this study is an historical, theoretical, and contemporary analysis of male age-discrepant and intergenerational sexualities and relationships (MADIS). This involves examining socio-sexual experiences (outside the family) between adult males and boys (under thirteen) or youthsl (thirteen-seventeen)/ along with a detailed exploration of the identities of males who are predominantly attracted to boys and youths, and younger males who are attracted to adult males.

There will also be a substantial focus on intergenerational relationships between adult males. A major impetus for this study arose from the high-profile public debates, expressed through political institutions, professional organisations and the media in the UK over paedophilia, child sexual abuse (CSA), sex offenders, the gay male age of consent, and sex education in schools. These issues have also had a significant impact across a range of academic disciplines, suggesting a widespread interest in the relationship between sexual behaviours, identities and age-categories. These debates also highlight contested perspectives over what constitutes "age - appropriate" sexual behaviours, and how far children and young peoples should be given access to sexual knowledge.

Consequently, the task for this study is to engage with contested sociological, CSA, and boylover (defined as adult males who would like to form socio-sexual relationships with boys and / or youths, and who use this term to define their sexual identity perspectives). This includes examining the different meanings each applies to age, sexuality and relationships, and the particular way each theorise the topic ..."

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4.1. The research of Richard Yuill

Male Age-Discrepant Intergenerational Sexualities and Relationships

Paedophilia thesis comes under fire

Complainant Name: Dr Richard Yuill

"Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Scottish Daily Mail


Dr Richard Yuill of Glasgow complained that an article inaccurately associated him with paedophilia and sexual offences. He emphasised that he had never been convicted, or dismissed from a teaching job, for any sexual offence.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper published the following correction: "Further to our article published on 20 January headlined 'Scotland’s sex shame lecturer' we would like to make clear that, although Dr Richard Yuill was indeed struck off the General Teaching Council for Scotland for ‘inappropriate’ behaviour, the stated reason for his dismissal related to allegations of pupil drinking and drug taking and not for an alleged incident on a school swimming trip. Dr Yuill could not have been caught by any 'sex checks' regarding his previous conduct when he applied for a lecturing job, as we suggested.""

Child sex researcher had ban on his record

If no rules have been broken, perhaps the rulebook requires some attention?

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Glasgow University Child Sex Predator finally gets caught by Police, is this the University of choice for Paedophiles [sic]?

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