Thursday, 6 December 2012

Because IPPs and Life Are Just Not Enough

8:14am UK, Thursday 06 December 2012

Sex Offences: Tougher Sentences To Be Imposed

"Judges will be urged to consider the damage caused to victims of sex offences under tougher sentencing guidelines.

Judges will be urged to consider the psychological and long-term damage [alleged] to victims of sex offences [them being doctors, and all] when passing sentence on perpetrators under new sentencing guidelines.

The new proposals, which will go out to public consultation, will also ensure the judiciary takes into account other aggravating factors, such as filming or photographing sex attacks.

They would see sentences brought up to date with advances in the technology and tactics used by offenders."

Tougher sex offence sentences proposed

No let-off for perverts [offensive and inflammatory]: Tougher sentencing guidelines will see paedophiles [sic] locked up for longer

'One-off' rapists could be given up to 19 years

Bid to update sex attack sentencing

Bid to update sex attack sentencing

Bid to update sentencing for sex attacks

Tougher sex offence sentences proposed

Sex attackers who film victims 'face tougher sentences'

Tougher sex attack sentencing guidelines proposed

Sex offence sentencing guidelines call for update

Tougher sentences for child sex gangs who groom girls in care

I welcome this consultation on changes to sentences for serious sexual offences - Khan,2012-12-06?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LabourPartyNews+%28The+Labour+Party+-+Latest+news%29

Sex crime sentences ‘should be increased’

Judges urged to take into account impact of sex attacks in new guidelines

Jail sex offenders for longer, proposes review of sentencing guidelines

New guidelines urge tougher sex offence sentences

Sentencing Council consults the public:that means YOU! 


Public given 14 weeks to respond to recommendations

New proposals give greater focus to impact of sex offences on victims 

Sentencing for sexual offences – consultation launched

Introduction to sexual offences guidelines consultation


Child pics pervert [offensive and inflammatory] MM is freed [sic] by judge softy [sic]

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