Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ghetto, Gulag Or Concentration Camp?

4:05PM GMT 03 Dec 2012

Amsterdam to create 'scum villages'

"Amsterdam is to create "Scum villages" where nuisance neighbours and anti-social tenants will be exiled from the city and rehoused in caravans or containers with "minimal services" under constant police supervision.

The plan echoes a proposal from Geert Wilders, the leader of a populist Dutch Right-wing party

Holland's capital already has a special hit squad of municipal officials to identify the worst offenders for a compulsory six month course in how to behave.

Social housing problem families or tenants who do not show an improvement or refuse to go to the special units face eviction and homelessness."


History of the Netherlands (1939–1945)

"The Germans deported the majority of the country's Jews to concentration camps, with the assistance of the Dutch police and civil service: the Netherlands had one of the highest levels of collaboration with the Nazis during the Holocaust."


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