Saturday, 1 December 2012

Please Don't Close Us Down - We Know We Are Expensive And, Essentially, Useless, But ...

1 Dec 2012 02:00

"Offenders are getting cleverer but so are we" [it's not hard, is it, lads and lasses?]: Inside the high-tech unit fighting the paedophiles [sic]

"The investigators have the bleak task of trawling pictures and video of child abuse [weasel word] for clues that will lead to the arrest of paedophiles [sic]"

"Whether or not paedophiles [sic] ever meet the children, Sgt Lay is clear that sharing images online is already abuse. [weasel word]"

“To anyone who is viewing internet images of children [indecent, we trust?] and thinks that it’s not abuse [weasel word] they should know [?] that every image shared of a child is a child re-abused. [re-weasel word]"

He also explains [!] that an abuser [weasel word] who views images is eventually likely to abuse [weasel word] in person. [Hehe - what was that, Sgt, fat tummy, donut-eating Lay?  - we do not suppose you have any credible evidence, for that claim?]

“It is a pattern that we see – that they are very, very likely [very, very !!!] to move on to video images of abuse and then actual hands-on abuse.” [A pattern? Have you any documentation, available, illustrating this 'pattern', Sgt Lay?]

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