Monday, 3 December 2012

Let's Party, Stephen

On this issue ...
"Dear Stephen,

Just listened to the Audioboo.

Bob did a great a job (particularly in challenging your reliance on 'The Other'), against your denial, illogical mindset and lack of correct knowledge (no offence, but it is true).

I expect you believe a lot of what you say, but, that is because you 'will not' face (or even find) the realities of the issues, and believe that your moral position to be the only acceptable version.

CEOP are liars and disinformers, consistently, and I can prove it - they are empire-mongers and spooks, little else.

Stephen, I understand your position and thank you for your work, but, you appear to have swallowed the lies and myths, hook, line and sinker; a position unworthy of your integrity.

If you REALLY want to deal with these issues, positively (and I believe you really do), then let us have an extended discussion.

It does not need to be in public (yet or ever), emails/pms/skype are fine.

e.g. you could make 5-10 statements, which you believe, in advance, I will then respond to them, in detail.

I will leave it with you.

All the best.


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