Thursday, 23 May 2013

60 days to 23 months

Posted: Tuesday, 05/21/13 12:01 am, Updated: Tuesday, 05/21/13 11:32 am

Alleged assault victim admits he lied

"WEST CHESTER — Alan Clifford Coleman may have [?] shown admirable paternal instincts while trying to keep his daughter away from a convicted sex offender who was seeing his ex-girlfriend. But the way he went about it landed him in Chester County Prison and, on Monday, before a Common Pleas Court judge.

According to court records and a description of his case, Coleman repeatedly stabbed himself in the shoulder, chest and face with a box cutter then blamed these wounds on a fictitious attack by JSS of Phoenixville.

Police became suspicious of Coleman’s report in part because he showed no signs of defensive wounds and because Coleman’s ex-girlfriend insisted he was lying. After checking with S, police determined the alleged attacker was miles away from Coleman’s home at the time Coleman said he was being attacked.

Coleman, 35, of Phoenixville, pleaded guilty to charges of false reports to police and was sentenced to 60 days to 23 months in county prison."

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