Tuesday, 14 May 2013

One Of The Biggest And Most Dangerous Scaremongers Of Them All - ECPAT

8th May 2013

Sex offender ruling must not put children at risk, ECPAT UK warns

"A decision that may allow child sex offenders [sic] to have their names removed from the Sex Offenders’ Register [sic] will put children in the UK and overseas at risk, ECPAT UK is warning.

Following a ruling in 2012, child sex offenders [sic] may request to have their names removed from the register on the grounds that they ‘no longer pose a threat’ to children.

However, ECPAT UK has concerns over the methodology used by police to decide which convicted offenders no longer pose a threat to children, and whether these decisions take into account the risk of offenders going abroad to abuse children, such as in the case of Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter.

We fear that removing convicted child sex offenders from the Sex Offenders’ Register [sic] will put children at risk, both in the UK and overseas. We are calling on the Government to strengthen its commitment to more effectively manage British sex offenders and the risks they pose to children in the UK and abroad.

Bharti Patel, CEO of ECPAT UK said, “This is a serious setback for child protection [sic]. We cannot live in a society where the rights of convicted sex offenders are prioritised over the need to protect children [no, we require one of equality]. The UK has mechanisms in place to protect children in the UK and overseas from sex offenders. Removing offenders from the Sex Offenders’ Register is a dangerous step, as it removes the main method of monitoring to prevent reoffending. [sic]”


Tuesday May 28 2013 13:43

ECPAT: No punishment is enough for child sex offenders

"ECPAT Child Alert director, Alan Bell, says the move will definitely help.

"You wonder really whether there is a punishment strong enough when you're aware of what actually [sic] happens to children who are sexually abused and they have to suffer a lifetime of trauma. [good job is is so very rare, then]""


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