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30 May 2013 Last updated at 14:24

April Jones trial: Mark Bridger guilty of abduction and murder

"Mark Bridger has been found guilty of abducting and murdering five-year-old April Jones who disappeared while playing near her home last year.

Bridger, 47, of Ceinws, mid Wales, denied murder claiming he accidentally ran April over and could not recall where he had put her body.

The jury at Mold Crown Court took four hours and six minutes to convict him.

April went missing on 1 October 2012 near her Machynlleth home sparking the biggest search in UK police history.

Watched by April's parents Paul, 41, and 43-year-old Coral, the judge told the court he would sentence Bridger later on Thursday. He also told the jury there was only one sentence, that of life, and he now had to decide the minimum term."

He was not, he was sentenced, in that respect (Mr Bridger's offences, as charged and found, are not 'Sexual' Offences) ...

i.e. Obiter Dictum, even the Ratio Decidendum, is not of guilt (i.e. In his sentencing remarks, the judge said Bridger had abducted April "for a sexual purpose and then murdered her and disposed of her body to hide the evidence of your sexual abuse of her". "Mr Justice Griffith-Williams said Bridger "was on the prowl for a young girl" on the night he killed April; He added: "There is no doubt in my mind that you are a paedophile. [sic] "

Published: 3 hrs ago 

Mark Bridger handed a whole life sentence for April's murder

"Former slaughterhouse worker Bridger was also found guilty of the youngster's abduction and intending to pervert the course of justice."


You should now remove all references, to Mr Bridger and the April Jones case, from your group.



Matt Hopkinson

@NSPCC response to Mark Bridger (guilty) verdict |

Phillip Noyes, acting CEO of the NSPCC, said:

“This terrible case, made worse for the family by Bridger’s refusal to say where April’s body is, has left a deep scar on the nation. The NSPCC’s thoughts are with her family and friends and we hope this verdict is a small comfort after such an horrendous ordeal.

“It seems [sic] Bridger lived in a fantasy world [sic] which included looking at child abuse images [sic] online. For some time we have been concerned about the growing number of these obscene [sic] images which are becoming more easily available and can fuel the fantasies [sic] of offenders like Bridger. This case points [sic] to the ever-growing evidence [sic] that there is a worrying link [sic] between looking at this vile [sic] kind of material and committing other serious sexual assaults [sic]. April’s death will hopefully lead to effective measures to stamp out this vile trade. [sic]” #AprilJones

Philip Noyes - Director of Strategy and Development

Is the NSPCC being dishonest in order to get our money?


Thursday 30 May 2013

April Jones murder - the full story: Alcoholic paedophile [sic] Mark Bridger turned online sex fantasies into grim reality*

"Mark Bridger was an alcoholic paedophile [sic] who was infatuated with young girls [sic] and who lived out violent sexual fantasies though the internet.[?]

On a chilly autumn evening last October, shortly after going to a parents’ evening at his daughter’s school which she attended alongside his victim April Jones, he took the trusting youngster into his Land Rover and made the evil fantasy a reality.

He murdered her and disposed of her body. So effective were his efforts at concealing the five-year-old’s remains– either by incinerating them in the woodburner at his whitewashed cottage just a few miles from April’s home, or hiding her in the rugged hills and streams of the surrounding mid Wales countryside, that she was never found, despite the largest search operation ever mounted in British policing history."

Thursday 30 May 2013

Psychologist: Mark Bridger may not reveal what happened to April Jones for years*

"Paedophile [sic] and former abattoir worker Bridger has continued to play a sadistic game of cat and mouse with police and April's parents since his arrest in October last year."

Grossly shameful and false reporting.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Mark Bridger watched violent rape scene in slasher film shortly before killing April Jones

"Killer viewed scene from 'The Last House on the Left' and then recorded it when screened an hour later on a +1 channel."


*Jonathan Brown
Worse than The Sun or The Daily Mail hacks? Indeed, much worse

Jonathan Brown


Serena Simmons

"She is currently liaising with Nottinghamshire police about the delivery of research based crime analysis theory to professionals, as well as actual research based on the same. She still maintains links with Rampton Hospital and continues to pursue her work in immersive experience."


Published: 7 hrs ago

Court feared vile sex abuse evidence [sic] would arouse Bridger

"Judge Justice John Griffith Williams was handed a note by the jury requesting the content be kept hidden from Bridger.

The judge cleared the public gallery and told the court: “The note from the jury says they feel very uncomfortable that the defendant is viewing these images again."

“Because, in the images, children are being abused for the pleasure of individuals [sic].”

So much for Justice. 

Mr Bridger never really stood a chance.

The OSC 


Published: 11 hrs ago (2/6/13)

Life must mean life

"IMAGES of sadistic child sex abuse [sure?] were found on Mark Bridger’s computer and phone.

He had searched the internet using the terms “naked five-year-olds” and “pictures of naked virgin teens”. But he was not charged with any crimes in relation to this [searching is not illegal].

Yet the images found were enough to convince the court of his motive to kill April [no]. Even the judge called Bridger a paedophile [incorrectly, based on no valid evidence]. But the fact that he was not convicted of any paedophilic crimes [sic] means that if he is ever released he will not go on the sex offenders register [do you really think, that will be of any relevance, to him, or anyone else? do you know what a life license, actually means?]. Why should that matter, you may ask, if he has been given a whole life tariff? Well it is our fear that he won’t actually die in prison as he should [terrible attitude]. That, despite the sentence, Bridger will find a way to get his sentence reduced – as others have.

For one, the judge calling him a paedophile has, according to some legal experts [who, exactly and why?], already given Bridger grounds to appeal.[very doubtful, on that ground, as it is OD/RD] And sadly in our experience a whole life tariff does not always mean what it says. Roy Whiting, who killed Sara’s eight- year-old daughter, was given a whole life tariff." [then you go off on a vested interest and incorrect rant - snip]

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