Thursday, 23 May 2013

We Call Bullshit - The Main Reason, Being, The Legal Definition of 'Abduction'

23 May 2013

Call for child abduction UK 'hub'

"A national child abduction hub could provide data and support to improve how agencies deal with child abductions

Experts are calling for better recording and sharing of information to help tackle child abduction in the UK.

A national child abduction "hub" should be created to give a clearer picture of the problem and provide data and support to improve how agencies deal with abductions, according to Ceop, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, and the charity Parents and Abducted Children Together (PACT).

A report from the two organisations found that almost half of child abduction cases reported in the UK between 2011-12 were committed by strangers. The report was based on police data that included 592 cases involving 675 victims.

In 42% of police reports - 247 out of 592 cases - the abductor or would-be abductor was not known to the child. A further 17% were abducted or victims of attempted abductions by a parent, 2% by another family member and 35% by someone known but not related to the child. Another 4% were by unknown offenders.

The report, "Taken - a study of child abductions in the UK", warns that at present the true extent of child abductions is "impossible" to calculate with the necessary accuracy because of inconsistencies in the recording of offences. [well, stop doing it then]"

273 kids snatched [sic] in a year - Stranger danger alert as shocking new toll revealed

Taken: A study of child abduction in the UK


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